Water Well Problems & Solutions in Naples, FL; Reverse Osmosis UV Filter & Chlorine Injection Treatment Systems

Well water users face some challenges in treating their own water for the household consumption. It is best to separate house and yard plumbing, this way you’re not treating you yard water. At or near the well discharge a good bet is to place a sediment trap to remove the insoluble gravel and particulates. These differ in type and action but remove pesky particles that clog the house water treatment system and your sprinkler systems as well.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Treatment Benefits

Reverse osmosis is the most effective water treatment system available. A pre-filter removes any small particulates that may have escaped the sediment trap. Reverse osmosis is effective as remove nearly all dissolved mineral, chemical and many biological contaminates. For those with sodium restricted diets the reverse osmosis systems produce clean soft water with no salt, reducing those at risk for sodium intake.

UV Water Treatment Systems

Biological containments are removed, but since the effectiveness of the reverse osmosis system is dependent of membrane pore size and the proper functioning of gaskets and O-rings pre or post chemical treatment is encouraged. It uses a little bit of electrical power but is eco-friendly ultraviolet light. The filters attack the DNA of bacterial pathogens and destroys them. No after taste like chlorination, ultraviolet provides effective protection, and simple maintenance. With UV systems you only to make sure the UV bulb is working and replace it if it doesn’t. The main problem with UV systems is residual action. If any biological pathogens slipping past the UV filter are still present in the water.

Residential Chlorine Injection System

Chemically Chloramines are ammonia with the substitution of a hydrogen atom with a chlorine atom and is the current darling for treating municipal water supplies. But home well systems can use a chlorine bleach injector that injects common household bleach and water solution into the water. These systems tackle bacteria, stain and odor problems as well. The warmer and more acidic the water is the better the system works. The higher the mineral contact and PH level the more you need to inject. Contact time is important. The advantage of chemical treatment for biological contaminates is the contact or residual protection. What makes pretreatment so effective is that it oxidizes the iron and manganese for easier filtration and removes hydrogen sulfate (rotten egg odor). Chlorination can be accomplished not only by bleach injection but also using pellets or powders. The RO can remove the chlorination. No RO, no problem, you just have to balance the systems injection rate to the characteristics of your water depending on the PH and mineral concentrations and add a carbon filter to remove the taste.

Ozone Water Purification Treatment

Ozone water purification against germ and minerals is also effective. But lack the residual protection of chlorination. Ozone treatment has relative higher operational and equipment cost and may lack local technical support. Another issue is byproducts. The jury is out on brominates, aldehydes, ketones carboxylic acidic byproducts that may have a carcinogenic dangers associated with them.

Reverse Osmosis, UV, Ozone Water Purification Treatment in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

Reverse osmosis combined with a sediment trap, particulate filter and chlorination system is arguably the healthiest and cost effective solution to safe and clean household water systems. Call the AAA Water Team today. AAA Water Team can design a solution for you.

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