How Does a Water Softener Work in Lehigh Acres, FL? Parts, Control Valves, Meter, Process & Benefits

There is a lot of talk concerning water softeners. Someone suggests or recommends they need a water softener. After some debate or seminar, you are sold on that you need a water softener. Water softeners are a great addition to your water supply, they can remove the harsh chemicals from your water that is leaving your dishes spotted with hard water stains, your laundry brittle, and crust building up on faucets and water based appliances. The water softeners are truly remarkable. But how do they work? Today, we at AAA Water Team would like to expound on how the water softeners work and their benefits.

Water Softener Parts

Like most things in today’s world, there are many options available for products and water softeners are no different. Water softeners have a handful of models available, each enhanced with various features, but the most common home water softening system is comprised of two parts: 1) a container that is reminiscent of a garbage can that is used to store the salt, which in the industry is referred to the “brine tank”. 2) A second tank equipped with a control system at the top and holds a large number of beads; if you looked inside this tank it would look like a honeycomb construction. The water channeling through your home passes through the second tank and the beads encased within. The beads trap the calcium and magnesium that is making your water hard. After the water passes through the system your water is conditioned and is softened.

Water Softener Control Valves & Meters

You are informed with how much water you are using with the control meter adorned at the top of the second tank that measures the amount of water being used. Over time the beads will need to be cleaned and regenerated to contain the minerals. When your tank meets or even exceeds the capacity of the beads, the water softener is no longer softening the water; a periodic maintenance cleaning will get your water softener operating at peak performance.

Benefits of Soft Water Systems

1. Cleaning is improved. Dishes are crystal clean as the hard water spots are no longer dulling the silverware and the dishware isn’t marred with spots. Clothes are thoroughly cleaned and the harsh minerals are not expediting the deterioration process. Tubs, sinks, and faucets don’t have a residue or hard water spots and crust buildup. Even your hair and body is better cleaned as hard water will leave a soap residue behind that dries out your skin and hair.
2. Appliance lifespan extended. Without the unnecessary minerals accumulating in water based appliances, the appliance can operate more efficiently and will require maintenance.
3. Better water flow and less waste. Water heaters can produce more hot water faster without the minerals slowing down the process. Less water is wasted as you wait minutes for waters to flow hot water.
4. No mineral deposits. Plumbing network is spared the scaly deposit buildup from the minerals making the water flow more freely and minimizing the natural deterioration of pipes, faucets, and other plumbing fixtures.

Water Softening Services in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

At AAA Water Team, we offer water softening systems that can improve your daily routines and save you time and money, while still enjoying the benefits of crystal clear water. Call AAA Water Team today and find out more about our water softening systems.

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