Contaminated Water Safety Standards & Facts in Cape Coral, FL; Symptoms, Effects, How to Clean with Carbon Filters

No one ever wants to be put in situations where the water source is contaminated. People use water for a plethora of reasons; the number one is to stay hydrated. Additionally water is used for hygiene, cleaning, cooking, and so much more. With water going into our bodies as well as being into contact on our skin, we want the purist water possible to avoid health issues. AAA Water Team take the opportunity to share on a recent event that contaminated a dependent water source.

Cocoa Drinking Water Quality Report

Thankfully, the contamination was fixable from the total trihalomethanes, or TTHM. A simple pitcher filter and a little air time is the cure. But the largest water supplier in Brevard County recently violated federal drinking water standards with a group of byproducts of disinfectants that has been linked to an increased lifetime cancer risk. When this incident occurred, the violations of the running average during the quarterly testing topped 80 parts per billion, a total of 4 trihalomethanes or with 5 five haloacetic acids, 60 parts per billion of another faction of disinfection byproducts. For a better understanding, a drop of ink is one part billion dropped into an Olympic Size pool. Over the course of a year, the running average was brought to 83.6 parts per billion. Though the excessive levels of trihalomethanes is unclear, disinfection byproducts generally develop when residual chlorine reacts with rotting leaves, algae or other organic matter. Trihalomethanes and other byproducts form when disinfecting chemicals such as chlorine are added to kill the much more acute health threat from viruses, bacteria and other microbes.

Drinking Water Safety Standards

Federal risk assessments suggests that water with high levels of disinfection byproducts is safe to drink short-term, however, continually exposure over decades and high levels can increase the risk of cancers such as; bladder, colon and several other. Some recent studies have discovered an association between a pregnant woman’s exposure to chlorination byproducts inflated risks to the baby including; low birth weight, and birth defects. These byproducts can be found everywhere, from the chlorinated water that irrigates lawns on golf courses and parks, to sewage that seeps from septic tanks into groundwater supplies. When chlorine reacts with the ground organic beans while making coffee, the byproducts are created. Simple acts like showering, washing your hands and swimming can produce even higher doses of the chemicals than drinking water. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates drinking a half-gallon of water containing 100 parts per billion of trihalomethanes daily for 70 years could result in three more cases of cancer per 10,000 people.

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Worrying about contaminated water is not a pleasant experience. With AAA Water Team, there are quite few options that can help prevent contaminated water from influencing you or your loved ones. Carbon filters are the superior solution for decontamination, and are the best and most effective method for in-home use to clean contaminated water! We offer carbon filters as well as pure water softening, filtration, purification, reverse osmosis, and ozone generators to help get healthy drinking water. Call us today to get started!

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