Dehydration Causes, Signs, Effects & Treatment

Did you know that a human body is made up of 60% water? That tells you just how much water and fluids mean to keep your body running at its full potential. IF you start to get dehydrated it’s like having an empty gas tank; your body will stop working. We can lose water by every day activities such as sweating or using the bathroom. You even start to lose water when you breathe out. We are also losing small amounts of salt that combined with the water can start to cause dehydration. When your body is suffering from dehydration you can start to feel dizziness along with confusion. You can also start to feel faint and could feel your heart rate increase and a headache come on. If you have these signs especially after you have been out exerting yourself in a heated environment you could be suffering from dehydration.

AAA Water Service have prepared three interesting factors that can cause you to be dehydrated:

Diabetics: If you suffer from diabetes or maybe you have not yet been diagnosed you could be at a higher risk of dehydration. When the disease is not being treated properly the disease can lead to high glucose levels. When this happens the body naturally wants to rid itself of the extra. In this case it does it by more frequent urination. The more you are urinating the lower the water in the body will be and in turn can lead to dehydration.

Alcohol: When someone drinks alcohol they are consuming a liquid that will cause your body’s ability to reabsorb water to decrease. This decrease means that more often urination is working to deplete your water faster. There are also occasions that drinking alcohol can cause vomiting which is another way to lose water.

High Altitudes: When you travel to an area that is a higher elevation than you are used to your body will try to help you adjust. It can cause you to breathe faster and speed up your heart rate. In turn this will cause more water vapor from staying in your body.

All of these activities and many more can be stopped from causing dehydration if you drink plenty of water. The more water you drink the better; and if you have cool and fresh drinking water, the more likely you will be to actually want to drink it! Call AAA Water Team for a full whole water filtration treatment system that can be installed in your home today.

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