Fluoride Health Risks in Drinking Water? A Whole Home Filtration System in Naples Florida is the Answer!

Over time the amount of fluoride found in most cities drinking water has shown to exist. No matter what city you live in, your tap water that is supplied through your city or town has some trace amounts of fluoride. The amount of fluoride all depends on the amount that is added to the water. The claim is that it is safe for all to consume and poses no harm to the public. Many dentists recommend fluoride to lead to better health for your teeth. Some scientists with the Fluoride Action Network claim that the practice of adding fluoride to city water is based on politics and not on the best interest of the people. They claim that fluoride doesn’t help prevent tooth decay and that the amount of negatives that come with fluoride in city water far outweigh the positives.

Fluoride Cavities & Tooth Decay Study

Scientists with the Fluoride Action Network claims research shows that children in areas that have fluoride in the city water versus children that don’t, show no difference in the amount of tooth decay present. After the long 70 years that adding fluoride has been practiced, they would hope to see some effects for the positive. These scientists agree that fluoride can help slow tooth decay but claim this only works if the fluoride is added topically to the tooth and not ingested in water.

Fluoride Health Effects in Drinking Water

These scientists claim that when fluoride water is ingested, it is not only not helping the health of teeth, but is in fact causing adverse health effects such as stomach pain and thyroid disorders. This is especially troublesome when talking about babies who are fed using a bottle. The amount of fluoride in city tap water as opposed to a mother’s milk is over 100 times higher. Many dentists are being asked if the fluoride is safe but the argument is that their background can only attest to teeth and no other tissues in the body.

Whole Home Filtration System in Naples, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres & Fort Myers FL

With all the arguments about fluoride and whether it is safe or not, AAA Water Team believe the best thing to do is have a whole filtered water system installed at your home. This will eliminate the fluoride that is in the water and keep you and your family from possibly ingesting something that could be harmful. Call AAA Water Team today for a complete estimate and set up.

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