Drinking Enough Water; Benefits of Proper (and Most Likely Increased) Water Consumption in Naples Florida

Near everyone has heard the sermon of drinking enough water. But there are still a numbered few who resist the need for drinking enough of this life saving liquid. Some like to argue that their favorite drinks such as; soda, coffee, tea, juices and sports drinks are all made with water. Research is proving that drinking enough clean, purified water in a day contributes to countless health benefits.

AAA Water Team Would Like to Outline Some of the Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water (and the Health Risks if you Don’t):

Hydration – A great way to get your fluid intake is through water which has no calories, carbohydrates, fat or sugar. Water keeps the body well hydrated, keeping each cell in the body fully functional.
Fatigue – If you often feel tired it could be because your body is slipping into dehydration, which fatigue is often the first symptom to manifest. Not enough water consumption can strain your cells, contributing to fatigue and the beginning of dehydration.
Heart Strain – When the water in your body is depleting, there is a drop in blood volume, causing the heart to strain in pumping oxygenated blood out of the blood stream. When the heart is working harder, the other organs begin to work less efficiently.
Mood – Research has found that when the body begins to slip into dehydration, even if only by 1%-2%, it can negatively affect your mood and ability to think. Your urine is a good indicator if you are drinking enough water. The lighter your urine is the better, and vice-versa. If you feel like you’re having a tough time thinking or concentrated, and noticed you are snapping with moodiness, your water intake may need to be improved. Instead of reaching for the third cup of coffee, trying drinking a refreshing glass of purified water.
Migraine and Headaches – Headaches and migraines are usually brought on by dehydration. Instead of reaching for your medication, try drinking a few glasses of water first. In a study published in the European Journal of Neurology, researchers studied patients who suffer frequent headaches and migraines. They began monitoring the water intake, and found the participants drinking more water noticed a dramatic decline in their migraine or headache.
Digestion – Water has been proven to help in your gastrointestinal tract. This supports your digestion and prevents constipation. If your body doesn’t have sufficient water, your colon will pull the water from your stool to maintain hydration, resulting in difficulty passing it.
Metabolism – Drinking enough water boosts your metabolism and helps in breaking down your food properly. In so doing, you promote a healthy digestive system and enhance regular bowl movement. Warm water is even better in digestive health.
Weight Loss – In clinical trials, researchers found that drinking 2 glasses of water prior to meal time, suppressed appetite and supported weight loss efforts. Water can increase the rate your body burns fat and boosts the break-down and elimination of fat cells. Often people cannot tell the difference if their body is protesting out of hunger or thirst. Sometimes when we feel the hunger pang, it is actually the body alerting you the need for water. When hunger strikes, reach for a glass of water instead, if you are still filling hungry after 20 minutes, then indulge in a healthy snack. As mentioned before, water has nothing in it that contributes to weight gain like the sugary or fizzy drinks do. Cut back on those, and up the water.
Toxins – With adequate water intake, it acts as a naturally detoxifier. Water flushes out the toxins in your body. It enhances kidney function and reduces mineral deposits leading to kidney stones.
Healthy Skin – Water keeps capillary flow, promoting younger looking skin. Water replenishes skin tissue, and elasticity. With enough water, your skin will feel moisturized, soft, glowing and smooth. Enough daily water will also prevent and treat the soft lines, scars, acne and wrinkles.

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Not enough water is a common problem, however, too much water can also be a health risk, which is why experts suggest the proper amount of fluids a day. The human body is made of 55%-78% water, depending on your size. Experts recommend drinking between 8-10 glasses of water a day, and cut back on the alternative drinks. Continuous study also suggests that your total amount of beverages for men be approximately 3 liters a day, or 13 glasses of fluids and 2.2 liters or about 9 glasses of fluids a day for women. There are an abundance of other ways water is beneficial besides those written above. Keep your body hydrated and talk to a professional from AAA Water Team to get clean, purified drinking water in your home.

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