Fight Dehydration & Contaminants; The Importance of Clean, Pure Drinking Water Filtration & Purification in Lehigh Acres Florida

Water is essential to life, and without clean drinking water, we are putting ourselves at risk for health problems and a lower standard of living. Clean water is the best water for consumption and provides many wonderful benefits to our health. Most of us have experienced the feeling of dehydration, feeling light headed, weak or sluggish. Many health problems can simply be avoided by drinking enough water each day. Being well hydrated elevates our energy levels and can also help to alleviate headaches. Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water will help flush out waste from our bodies. Drinking clean water is a great way to stay healthy and avoid getting sick from consuming water that is contaminated with harmful materials.

Negative Effects of Dehydration

When we do not drink enough water, our bodies suffer from the ill effects of dehydration. These include fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, weakness and loss of energy. While drinking water is important, finding clean water to drink is also a necessity. While many people have access to water, it is not always the cleanest water. Water that is safe to drink must be free from disease causing pathogens. These are not all visible to the human eye, so even if water looks clean and clear, it can still be extremely dangerous to drink.

Contaminants in Water

Water can be a host to many different types of contaminants that are extremely harmful to humans. A common contaminate that is found in unclean water is Cryptosporidium. This contaminates causes extreme diarrhea, vomiting and cramps, which will lead to dehydration. Finding a clean and reliable water source is essential to a healthy and enjoyable life. Other materials found in unclean water include Bromate, Chlorite and Haloacetic acids. These dangerous materials can cause an increased risk of cancer, anemia in infants and young children, complications with the nervous system, and liver and kidney problems. A recent study suggests the industrial chemical PFOA, a component used in the manufacturing of Teflon is a much more serious contaminant than previously thought. Its link to birth defects, cancer and other illnesses is the subject of several class-action and personal injury lawsuits.

Whole Home Water Filtration, Ozone Purification & Reverse Osmosis in Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Lehigh Acres FL

Making sure that the water inside of your home is clean and healthy for your family to drink should be a number one priority. While there seem to be so many different options when it comes to bringing clean water into your home, AAA Water Team is the absolute best option when it comes to clean water in your home. AAA Water Team guarantees that the water in your home is the cleanest and purest, providing an excellent source of health for you and your family. Contact AAA Water Team today for the cleanest water in your home.

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