What Does it Mean When your City or Well Water Smells like Rotten Eggs in Cape Coral FL?

Good, pure water should be colorless and odorless so if you start to notice that you can smell an odor like rotten eggs from your water, then there is something that is not right. There is a good reason that it can have this smell but it also means that something with your water system is not working the way it was made to work.

AAA Water Team has the break down on why your water may smell like rotten eggs and how to fix it.

Why does your water smell like rotten eggs? – Most of the time you will notice that the water smells that way when you are using the hot water faucet. The smell of eggs is actually sulfate that is added to the gas that is used to heat most homes. The smell is added to the gas so that if there is some kind of leak you will have a way to tell so that you can have it repaired. If you are smelling this from your water you want to be sure that it is not coming from another source. Make sure that you check each sink drain and bathtub drain to be sure that it is not coming from there. If it is you could have a bigger problem with a sewer line that is backing up into your plumbing of your home. If you have checked each of these other sources and you are sure that it is coming from the water faucet you can have it fixed.

What needs to be done to fix impure water? The first thing that needs to be done is you will need to call a water treatment company like AAA Water Team that can come out and test the water. They can also inspect the water and lines to see where the problem can be coming from. They may be able to stop the smell by flushing the lines with water. This happens when they run the water down the drain for about 15 minutes to refill the lines and the trap where the water is supposed to stay. If the trap dries out it can allow the smell to come back.

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If you want to not worry about drinking and using the city water or well water in your home you can call AAA Water Team to come out and install a whole home water filtration system. This is a filtration system that will have fresh and clean water to you all the time. You can depend on it working and giving you the freshest water that you can imagine. If you are ready for fresh and clean water call us today.

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