Signs of Poor Drinking Water Quality Standards & Pollution in Fort Myers Florida Homes & Businesses

Standard appliances that most homes have today include a dishwasher, refrigerator and dryer. These are all additions that make like a bit easier and contribute to a comfortable home life. Something that would also contribute to a higher quality of life for you and your family is a water treatment system. While these are not yet standard in every home, they should be. Water treatment systems can solve many problems in your home that you did not know existed due to poor water quality. Water is a necessity for life, and providing your family with the highest quality of water should be a top priority.

AAA Water Team has prepared a few signs to look out for that indicates the water being pumped into your home is not great!

Taste of your Water – One of the first signs to look for is the taste of your water. If you pour yourself a glass of water from the faucet or from your fridge that has been cooled in a pitcher and it tastes funny, then something is wrong with your water. You know what water should taste like, so it should be easy to recognize if something tastes a bit off. Water that tastes like metal, chlorine, grass or dirt should be an immediate red flag that something isn’t right with the water that is being pumped into your home.

Smell of your Water – Another clear indication that the water in your home is not as clean as it can be is the smell. Water should not smell like anything. However, some home owners complain that the water in their home gives off an odd odor from time to time. Sulfur, chlorine, algae, copper, iron, and lead are just a few examples of known contaminants that can make your water smell off. These smells should be taken seriously and removed immediately by an appropriate treatment system.

Water Quality Test – A great way to perform an initial test on the quality of water that is being pumped into your home is to turn your faucet on and fill a clear glass full of water. Take a good long look at the water that is in your glass. Look closely to see if there is anything floating around in the water as well as if the water has a slight tint of red, yellow or brown. These are indicators that your water is not great quality water. If your water is clean, then it should be completely free and clear of any type of floating materials.

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