Drinking Fountain Cleanliness; Can You Get Sick from Germs in Public Water Fountains in Naples, FL?

Most people are aware that having water to drink is a necessity. The human body needs water in order for all the body systems to run properly. If you are lacking in hydration your body will start to slow down and some of the systems can even begin to shut down. After a few days of no water you could be near death. You need to have water and that is why everywhere you look you can find water. There are thousands of brands and types of bottled water that you can choose from. You can also have a water filtration system put in your home so that you have good clean water to fill your reusable water container. Lastly you might have noticed that at parks, schools and other public places there are water fountains or drinking fountains. They are a water source that has a fixture so that you can press a button and a steady stream of water comes out. Have you ever wondered how safe it is to use? If this was the best option then why are there so many other options that people are willing to pay for.

AAA Water Team Outlines How Drinking Fountains Work & the Problems in Regards to Cleanliness

Are Water Fountains Safe to Drink from?: The first problem happens to be that the fixture is out for all the public to use when they want to. There is likely a company or group that is sent out to service as well as clean these units but who is to say what happened to them before you showed up. IF someone has a cold or the flu and used the fountain just before you did you could be in contact with those same germs. You may be drinking out of the fountain after someone brought their dog up for a quick drink. The sanitary issue is quite large but there is a way to stop some of this from transferring to you. If you have to get a drink at a fountain you want to hit the button and allow it to run for about 30 seconds so the water can run out clean and wash off some of the contaminants that you don’t want to contact.
Water Piping Fountain Design: The other problem that can occur when you choose to drink out of a fountain is where is the water coming from. The pipes that the water is being sent through can be old copper pipes that might be sending a metal taste to you. This will add a flavor to the water that is not good and can leave a bad taste in your mouth.
Water Fountain Cleanliness: Lastly we all choose to purchase water of use filtered water so that we can feel better about the cleanliness of the water. We want the least amount of contaminants in the water that we drink and that is why a filter system is the way to go. The water that is coming out of the fountain is the same water that is coming out of your hose and tap. The water is as clean as your town or county says it has to be. That is not usually up to the same expectations that we as a consumer want.

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