Healthy Effects of Drinking Contaminated Water in North Naples, FL & How to Purify Water with Filtration

Drinking dirty or contaminated water can bring numerous health concerns. Some do not manifest until after long term exposure where others can immediately produce symptoms. City water supplies, well water supplies, and fresh water sources, such as lakes, streams, and rivers can easily become contaminated. Consuming poor quality water will affect your body in a number of ways. Having concerns over your drinking water is something that everyone should have on their minds; for starters, you can have your water tested by AAA Water Team to determine the quality of your drinking water. Today, we would like to discuss the effects of drinking dirty and/or contaminated water.

Symptoms of Drinking Contaminated Water

Effects of drinking low quality water may or may not always manifest immediately. Additionally, the extent of the actual effects experienced is dictated by such factors like overall health, age, and physical condition of each individual. There are problems that are more commonly reported by people who drink impure water, some examples include
– Dehydration
– Diarrhea
– Gastrointestinal Problems
– Intestinal or Stomach Cramping
– Intestinal or Stomach Aches and Pains
– Nausea
In some cases, drinking impure water can also lead to fatalities among other symptoms ranging from mild to severe. However, when no symptoms are present, it does not mean there are no longer term effects potentially building. You might not notice any immediate health effects, for example, with water sources have been contaminated with radium or radon gas; but long term exposure are linked to heart disease and cancer.

Biological, Radiological & Other Contaminants in Water

The following contaminants have been found tainting a number of water sources:
– Arsenic
– Chemicals
– Coliform Bacteria
– E. coli Bacteria
– Fecal Matter
– Fluoride
– Herbicides
– Lead
– Microbial Pathogens
– Nitrates
– Parasites
– Pesticides
– Petrochemicals
– Pharmaceuticals
– Radium
– Radon
– Viruses

Boil Order & Water Advisory

Through a plethora of ways, contaminants can enter water supplies. For instance, contaminants can be absorbed into the ground and taint ground water sources, broken pipes, and excess water run-off during heavy rain periods. Some contaminants can discolor the water, develop odors, or even make it taste differently. On the other hand, some contaminants leave no indication there is a problem, leaving the water odorless, tasteless, and colorless as normal. When water district officials know the water supply is tainted, they may implement a boil water warning. Boiling drinkable water does destroy the majority of parasites, bacteria, and viruses. However, it will need to be done properly because it can increase concentrations of other contaminants due to evaporation of water.

Water Filtration System Installation & More in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

One of the easiest ways to ensure your water is safe and contaminant free is to get is to get a professional water purification company in your area to test your water.. Water tests can be easily performed on city and well water used for residential, commercial, and retail purposes. The tests will give you detailed data on everything that is found in your drinking water supply. With this knowledge, experts can help you know how to improve your water with different water systems such as water softeners, filters, purification systems, and so on. AAA Water Team is available to the Floridians to ensure our water is of superior quality. Contact us today!

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