Effects of Biological & Other Contaminants in Drinking Water on Human Body in Golden Gate Estates, FL

When you are ready for a big cold glass of water where should you go? There are lots of ways to get a glass of water but the fastest way to get one is to use the tap water. The water that is being sent into your house is either from a water well or from the city or the county. This latter source is water that has been treated and cleaned to a particular level to pass a test. The levels that are acceptable to the city or county may not be what you want to have in your water. The water you are drinking is supposed to be keeping you hydrated and keep your body in a good working condition. When the water you are drinking is full of contaminants it can actually cause health problems for you and your family. You want to know what is in your water and there are signs that you can tell what is!

AAA Water Team Lists Possible Contaminants in Water & Harmful Effects They have on the Human Body

Common Bacteria in Water: There are some types of contaminants you know are bad for you. One of them are bacteria that could be in your food, on your counters and even in your water. If you find that the food you are ready to eat has bacteria on it you would surely throw it out. The water you are drinking could have bacteria in it. The problem is that you will not really be able to diagnose it by the way of taste. The problems with come as you drink the water and you will start to have stomach pains, nausea and even vomiting. If you notice this is happening it is a good idea to have a filtration system used at your house.
Chlorides in Water: There are other additives that might be placed in the water as a way to treat it. There are other contaminants that are naturally in the water and need to be removed. The problem is that there still could be a small level that could be a problem. There are many water samples that have chloride in it. Chloride is not something that is necessarily bad for your body but can be a problem over a long exposed period of time. The way that you might realize you have chloride in the water is from your appliances and fixtures being broken down or corroded.
Fluoride in Water: This is one of the additives that might be placed in your water. The problem is that it can be a problem for you and your children. When you have fluoride in the water it can start to cause spots to form on the teeth of your children. Fluoride is only a substance that should be used by a dentist that knows the best way to use it and how much is acceptable. When it is in the water that you are drinking and using to cook it can be too much.

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