What Chemicals, Minerals & Elements are in Drinking Tap Water in Bonita Springs, FL?

Have you ever given much thought to the water that comes out of your faucets? Many people would simply answer “water” if they were asked this question. The simple answer is indeed water but there is also a more complicated answer that you could give as well. Today AAA Water Team wants to explain that more complicated answer to you.

Chemical Impurities Found in Tap Water

The water in your home is made up of hydrogen and oxygen but it also contains impurities and minerals. What is in your tap water will vary depending on your home and where you live. There are some very common impurities that are found in water though.
Lead: Lead is most likely to get into your water as the pipes and faucets in our plumbing system corrode. The danger with lead in your water is that it can cause lead poisoning, particularly in children. Lead poisoning can cause permanent brain damage and other developmental problems. Other dangers of having lead in your water are that it can cause kidney and nervous system damage and increase blood pressure.
Mercury: Mercury can find its way into your water from all sorts of different sources. Mercury can come from agricultural runoff, seepage from landfills, and factory waste. Mercury exposure can cause serious kidney damage.
Chlorine: If you have done any research on your water you may know that chlorine is used to help disinfect our water from many dangerous contaminants. If you are exposed to too much chlorine it can irritate your eyes and noise. If the exposure if prolonged it can affect your nervous system as well.
Bisphenol A (BPA): BPA is an acronym that you probably have heard many times but don’t know what it means. BPA is a term that is frequently used when talking about food and beverage containers. BPA is a compound used in the production of plastics and it can leach into food or liquids if the container is exposed to high temperatures or harsh detergents. BPA is also used in the epoxy coating that they use in water pipes. Overexposure to BPA can cause heart problems, cancer, and obesity.
Giardia Iamblia: Giardia enters our water supply through contact with sewage and animal waste. Giardia is a parasite that does not often lead to serious damage but it can cause painful cramping and vomiting.

Minerals in Tap Water

In addition to the impurities listed above there are also small amounts of dissolved minerals that are found in your water that can make the water taste better and are also beneficial for your body.
Fluoride: The American Dental Association has endorsed fluoride being added to public drinking water since 1950. Fluoride is a safe, effective way to prevent tooth decay in children and adults. Some cities add fluoride to their water but others do not.
Calcium: Calcium is naturally present in water in small amounts. It plays a role in building strong bones and teeth. Calcium also helps keep your heart nice and healthy.
Magnesium: Similar to calcium, magnesium is naturally found in small amounts in your water. Magnesium helps your heart stay healthy, controls your blood pressure, and maintains your insulin levels.

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