Effects of Minerals, Signs of Hard Water on Hair & Water Softening Solutions in Naples, FL

Most have heard about the negative impact hard water has on the plumbing, appliances, cleaning efficiency, and even on the body. Hard water has minerals and chemicals that leave residual effects on a number of items. At this time however, we at AAA Water Team would like single out how hard water affects your hair.

Hard Water Causes Bad Hair Days

The skin and hair’s health is influenced by hard water because of these minerals and chemicals. The efficiency of the shampoo and conditioner’s ability to clean and moisturize your hair can be compromised by the chemical imbalance in the water. Though hard water is full of minerals, it doesn’t necessarily harm your hair, but they are the culprit for disrupting the daily regimen of your hair, causing the ever frustrating bad hair day.

Effects of Minerals in Hard Water

The high mineral content found in hard water can vary depending on the water source, but the common of the heavy minerals includes magnesium, calcium, and often iron. These minerals are not linked to any health risks ingesting the hard water, but there is a discernible difference between how your hair feels using hard water and soft water. Hard water causes hair to become limp, dry, dull, and subtly alters the color in a strange way, as well as contributes to excessive tangles because as the minerals dissolve in the water, they leave a thin film on your hair that continues to buildup. Not only will this residue buildup in your hair, but it will also accumulate on our scalp, causing dandruff-like effects. Other minerals found in hard water absorb the natural moisture from your hair and with the ineffectiveness of the conditioner; your hair is left dry and sometimes even brittle. These same minerals are known to dry out the skin, leave soap scum residues in the shower, and make the water taste off in addition to discoloration.

Tips for Washing Hair in Hard Water

The buildup of iron can also collect layers of residue in addition to staining. Some suggest adding a small handful of baking soda to your shampoo to rub out the buildup, work it through the hair and scalp well, allow it to sit a few minutes and thoroughly rinse, follow up normally with your conditioner. To resolve the staining that makes the hair looking brassy, there are some remedies or seeking a professional can also help. When washing your hair with hard water, the minerals make it difficult to for the shampoo to lather. As most prefer to see lather when washing their hair, the hard water hindering the lather causes people to use more shampoo than needed, resulting in shampoo buildup. When the shampoo builds up in your hair, the hard water makes it difficult to rinse out; leaving a coating of conditioner in your hair that continues to weigh it down. Not only does the conditioner buildup accrue, but the shampoo residue blocks hydration and clogs pores, preventing the conditioner from proper moisturizing.

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In order to avoid the hard water catastrophes, a water softener system removes the calcium, minerals, iron, and other minerals from the water. The soft water will make a dramatic improvement for your hair and skin, in addition to the other issues hard water causes. Call AAA Water Team today to discuss installing a water softener your home to reap the benefits and for better hair days.

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