Importance of Sleep Rest & Drinking Water During Recovery from the Flu in Bonita Springs, FL

One of the worst health concerns that has taken a hold of every state in the U.S. is the flu! The strain of the flu that is most dominant this year is a hard one for health professionals to care for and get the population through. There have been more deaths from the flu this year than any other flu season in the last ten years. The reason that could be to blame is partially the vaccine that has been given out is only able to cover about ten percent of the flu strains that are running around. The other problem is that the strain that is most common has a way to mutate and that makes the vaccine less effective. The flu vaccine is still recommended especially for the population of elderly and very young children. They do not have a strong enough immune system to handle some types of illness and that is why the flu vaccine is a good idea. Even if you have the vaccine there is a chance that you can still come in contact with the flu and become sick. With the amount of hospitalizations and deaths that have come from the flu everyone should know what to do to keep yourself from becoming worse off.

AAA Water Team Outlines Remedies for Flu Such as Drinking Water

Drink Water, Water & More Water: One of the first things that the doctor will tell you if you are diagnosed with the flu is to make sure that you are hydrated. When your body is sick and trying to fight off a flu or other illness it will need to have all the nutrients to work. The main part that the body needs to function correctly is water! When the body starts to feel dehydrated it will stop some of the organs from working at a full level so that the other more vital organs can work. If you are not well hydrated when you are sick, your symptoms will be worse and you will stay sick longer than if you were to keep hydrated. The best way to hydrate is to drink water as much as possible. Have a bottle or glass of good fresh and filtered water next to you at all times and make sure you drink often. The cleaner the water you have in your home the easier it will be for your body to use it and hydrate you.
Importance of Sleep & Rest: The next best thing you can do if you find yourself trying to recover from the flu is to do what you can to rest. You want to make sure you stay home and away from everyone that you can so that you don’t spread your germs around. Also giving the body time to rest is a great way to let it work in beating the virus rather than trying to keep up with you doing too much.

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