Filtered Tap Water VS Bottled Water in Alva, FL; Cost, Environmental Impact of Buying & More

There are lots of people that like certain types of foods, clothes and more. You get used to the thing that you are comfortable with and most people will continue to stick with that. When it comes the type of water that you drink there seems to be a few options. Some people choose to use the water that comes out of the tap in your home. This is water that comes from a well or the city water which can have contaminates in it that. Other people choose to use bottled water that they buy cleaner and purified from the store one bottle at time. Lastly there are people that choose to use a filtering system that is in your house. The filtered system is installed and that means that the water that now comes from the tap has been treated. There are people that don’t know the benefit of using a home filtered system as opposed to bottled water. AAA Water Team has why it is best to choose filtered water rather than bottled water.

Water Filter VS Bottled Water Cost

When it comes to the cost of buying bottles of water on a regular basis versus having a whole home water filtration system installed may surprise you. You have to think about the cost over a period of time for each part. No matter if you are buying bottles of water for one person or 10 you are constantly paying for the filtered water, the bottle that it comes in and the work that it takes to fill that bottle. When you are purchasing a water filtration system you are paying for way to have all the water that comes out to be clean and filtered. Then you have to do some regular maintenance. The great thing is that you will be saving a lot of money by paying for the whole home filtration cost. This over a short amount of time will pay for itself since you are no longer buying bottles of water.

Ease of Filtered Water & Bottled Water

When you are deciding on buying bottles of water and having a whole home water filtration system it is good to think about ease of each of them. If you choose to go out and purchase water bottles you have to go to the store and load them in the cart. Then once you have paid you have to then load in the your car and then to your house. That is a lot of lifting that goes into getting a bottle of water to your house so that you can drink filtered water. When you have a home filtration system added you house you don’t have to do much. You can go get your favorite reusable bottle and go fill it up at the sink. Then you can head out for the day. This goes for anyone in the house that needs a glass of water to drink. The ease is much better when you choose home filtration.

Environmental Impact of Buying VS Filtering Water

Many people also start to wonder how well they are doing to be environmentally friendly. If you want to be more cautious then buying bottled water you are not doing what you should. The plastic bottles are a huge problem with the landfills all over the United States. That means that having a whole home water filtration system can help with the environment.

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