Drinking Water pH Level Chart in St James City, FL; How to Lower & Raise, Health Effects & More

Most people do not realize that the pH levels impact your drinking water. Water with unbalanced pH levels can cause household headaches and unexpected expenses. Potential of hydrogen is the technical term for pH and that refers to whether the substance, in this case water, can either take on an extra hydrogen ion or is more willing to give up a hydrogen ion. There are 3 pH categories as the levels range from 0-14 and the categories are acids, bases, and neutral. There will be no gain or loss of hydrogen ions at pH level 7. Anything below a 7 is acidic and above 7 are bases, also referenced to as alkaline. Similar to measurements of hot and cold, water is also measured in alkalinity and acidity levels. Today, we at AAA Water Team would like to briefly elaborate on the pH levels of water.

Symptoms of Unbalanced Water pH Levels

Generally, water’s natural pH level is 7, however, when chemicals and minerals are mixed into the water supply, the water becomes unbalanced. Water can be impacted from anything it comes into contact with, so water pH levels can drastically vary from county to county. Soil composition, bedrock and other surroundings are responsible for the unbalanced pH. The alkalinity is produced by rocky areas with limestone. Compounds such as carbonate, bicarbonate, and hydroxide dissolve and travel in water which increases the pH. Making the water acidic is from a number of sources including rainfall that came from the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Chemical runoff and plant decomposition are the top factors for acidic water.

Signs of Low pH Acid Water

– Copper plumbing is stained with blue/green coloring.
– Plumbing frequently has leaks.
– Cast-iron or galvanized steel has red or rust-colored stains.
– Leaching and corrosion.
– Metal toxins.
– Sour tasting.
– Slippery texture.

Signs of High pH Alkaline Water

– Fixtures, shower doors, and other plumbing affiliations have scale buildup.
– Water flow is reduced.
– Bottom of water heater tanks have a buildup of scale.
– Tastes bitter.

Effects of Unbalanced pH Levels & Best pH Level for Drinking Water

Low pH levels, or acidic water often results in appliance and plumbing frustration. Because of the corrosive nature of acids, they are constantly looking to get balanced strip material away from anything as it passes. Leaks spring as the acidic water eats through the plumbing and appliances.
High pH levels will try to get rid of the excessive minerals to get back to neutral. Faucets and shower doors are potentially ruined with scale buildup. This scale buildup also happens on water heaters and water-use appliances. The scale accumulation reduces the waterflow in the plumbing network and poor water pressure.
The pH is not regulated by any government agencies, but it is recommended that levels between 6.5 and 8.5 and are only secondary contaminate. Though the pH is not considered a health risk, it can alter the taste.

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To find out what your pH is, you can have your water supply tested by a trusted professional. There are a number of solutions that can remedy the pH levels in addition to other water issues including filtration, purification, and water softeners. Call AAA Water Team today and let our experts test your water to determine the best water system for your Florida home.

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