Tips on Choosing the Best Well Water Filtering Treatment Systems to Install in North Fort Myers, FL

Wells often require water and filtration systems to enhance the water. For those who want to install a water filtering system on their well there is a lot to consider that many fail to do. When installing a water filtration system often the homeowner never has their water tested, nor do they have the water flow properly measured. In order to have the right filtering system you must know the needs of the water and your well. AAA Water Team will share some common mistakes made when picking a filtering system for wells and what you should do to ensure you have the right filtration system.

Water Pressure Gauge

The water pressure plays a major role when it comes to picking the right water filtration system. Well flow rates vary and it is important to know on average how many gallons per minute your well provides. On average the well flow rate is five gallons per minute. In most cases the well water will be pumped into the filtration system. If the flow is too weak then the entire filtering system is compromised and won’t work correctly. When seeking a filtration system for your well make sure to measure the flow rate and get a filter system that matches.

Water Well Functions

There are two major types of wells. One well will pull the water straight out of the ground. While another and probably more common type of well are those that will pull water into the ground and into a storage tank. It is important to know which type of well your home uses so you install the right filtering system. Before buying a filtering system look at your well system and determine how your well functions and see what filtering system you will need.

Best Water Filtration System

Not everyone can afford the best filtering system. However, you don’t want to get the cheapest one either. You will find cheaper filtering systems have poor quality water filtering systems and require new filters more frequently. It is recommended to have your water tested first to determine the water purification needs. Next you will want to get the right filtering system with a good rating a reasonable quality.

Test Water Before Installing Filters

When needing a water filtering system it is important to have the water tested first. Many homeowners often skip this step. Not testing the water is a big mistake because water requires different types of filters. Some water is naturally very clean but may contain high levels of calcium. This will create hard water that leads to sediment build up. In this situation you will want a water softener. In some areas the water may contain high levels of iron and bacteria that feed on the iron. For water high in iron or sulfides your will need an H2S filtering system. There are many types of filters that help clean the different types of contaminants that is found in the water. This is why it is important to have the water tested so you install the filtering system right for your well.

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