Hard Water & How a Reverse Osmosis Water Softener Works in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, FL

Hard water causes faucet, piping, and water heater damage, leading to costly repair or replacement of your home’s various water systems and fixtures. To help prevent hard water build up and the costly damages it can cause, homeowners will often will look for a remedy. The answer to combating hard water is to install a water softener system. There is no better remedy to preventing the damage of hard water. AAA Water Team will share what hard water actually is, how soft watering systems work, and why homes that suffer from hard water should consider installing a water softener.

Hard Water Definition

The term hard water is used to describe tap water that is high in calcium, magnesium and other minerals. It is very common for water to contain different levels of these particles. Keep in mind they aren’t necessarily harmful for people to drink. In fact, most of the minerals that our body needs are found in hard water. Calcium, magnesium, and minerals are typically higher in ground water because these particles are dissolving from the surrounding rock and soil in an underground aquifer. How the industry measures the water’s hardness is by the amount of grains that are in a gallon of water or GPG. Soft water has 1 GPG or less, moderately hard water may contain 3.5 to 7 GPG and very hard water will contain 7 to10 GPG. Depending on how high the water sources in the GPG will determine the need of a water softener.

Effects of Hard Water

Hard water is known to cause two major problems. The first is that they cause calcium and magnesium build up inside pipes, water heaters, faucets, and even appliances such as dish washers, laundry washing machines, or other items that use tap water regularly. Once these hard water deposits buildup, they can clog or even dissolve certain materials. The second major problem of hard water is the soap scum buildup. Most people don’t realize that soap scum buildup is the result of hard water. However, when hard water mixes with hygiene soaps, laundry soaps, and even dish washing soaps, it will create a thick residue.

Water Softener Installation

Combating hard water can be done in a few different ways. The most effective way is installing a full home water softener, which combats the hard water directly. Water softeners will break down calcium and magnesium and remove these harsh elements out of the water. The remainder of the particles are then caught by a filter which in turn, provides softened, clean water into every part of the home.

Reverse Osmosis Water Softener

Another way to combat hard water is through Reverse Osmosis. Reverse osmosis uses various filters and water conditioning that helps remove calcium and magnesium. The original propose for reverse osmosis was to remove salt from seawater. However, it proved to be a valuable home flirtation system as well, that provides both clean and softer water to our homes.

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If your home suffers from hard water and you want to help prevent the damage it causes your home’s watering system, contact AAA Water Team. We provide both water softeners and reverse osmosis filter systems as well as so much more. To find the right home water filter system for you, contact AAA Water Team today!

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