When & How Often Should You Change Whole House Water Filter Cartridge in Bonita Springs, FL

Are you one of the families that heads to the store every week loading up cases of water? Are you on a water bottle ordering system that drops large bottles by your front door? These might seem like great options and the one that you have always used but they are not the best! For many reasons this type of water is a burden. You have to first have the strength to load those heavy bottles so you can use them. You also have to dispose of hundreds of plastic water bottles every single month. That is a lot of plastic that will sit in a landfill for forever. It is not biodegradable and will load up in landfills causing trouble for the earth. If each family found a better solution for drinking water the amount of waste would decrease enormously. You can try and drink the tap water which is by your states regulations is drinkable. If you are a little bit of a water snob like most of us, the tap water is just not good enough to drink on a regular basis. The water that comes out of the tap is still full of contaminants, fluoride and sediment which is all within the acceptable guidelines. The better option is to invest in some reusable water bottles and have a whole home water filtration system. The bottle you are buying are filtered so why not have an endless supply at the tips of your fingers. You will need to have your system maintained on a regular basis.

AAA Water Team Outlines How Often You Need to Have Your Whole Home Water Filtration System Maintained

Why Does Your Water Filtration System Need Maintenance: The system that is set up in your home has parts that need to be inspected and even changed out. They are outfitted with a filter that over time will be saturated and will need to be taken out. The amount of filters that you have on your unit depends on the system that you choose. There is also a sediment pre-filter that is there to catch the sediment that is left behind from your own tap water. It is pulled from the water before it gets to the faucet. These needs to be taken out and replaced regularly. If you are not sure how long it will take you can ask a professional. It is less about the time and more about the amount of water that is being used.
Dangers of Not Changing Water Filter: The filter is there to catch the debris that you don’t want to have in your drinking water. If you leave the filter for too long the odds that it will continue to catch the debris lessens. Then the particles that you don’t want in your water will be there. It slowly fills up with the sediment and debris which is why like any filter it needs to be replaced.

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