Effects of Hard Water on Human Body Skin & Hair, Appliances & More in Estero, FL; Problems & Solutions

Hard water problems left untreated in your home contribute to many problems in a variety of different aspects. Knowing whether or not to invest in a water softener can be easier decided if you know about the problems it actually causes. With that in mind, we at AAA Water Team would like to expound on the different problems you experience where your hard water is to blame.

Effects of Hard Water on Human Body & Appliances

1) Hard Water Problems on Human Body Skin & Hair. Soap curd is the sticky residue left behind from soaps and shampoos that hard water was inefficient at removing. The skin is not able to reach and acidic PH balance when the residue is left on the skin. An obvious system of such an occurrence is the skin is left itchy, red, flaky and ashy. Soap curd also affects the hair as it coats the strands, resulting in limp, dry and unmanageable hair. Additionally, those that visit high-priced hair salons to get the vibrant color you crave is left in ruin because the hard water is capable of stripping more color away as opposed to soft water.
2) Hard Water Leads to Poor Cleaning. Hard water is not only bad for keeping yourself clean and balanced, but it also impacts the cleaning that goes on in your home. Where volumes of books can be written relating the details, we will share a few brief examples to give you the idea.
Windows: An outdoor sprinkler system set too close to your windows can leave hard water spots, especially after repetitive watering. The hard water mineral deposit will also lead to your windows fogging up and after an extended period of time, they will not be cleanable and the replacement could get costly.
Sinks, tubs and showers: Constant exposure to hard water does a number on sinks, tubs and showers, along with the faucets. An otherwise immaculately clean bathroom will look of aged and dull with the deposits crust developing on faucets, or filmy and spotty hard water spots blemish the sinks and tubs.
Laundry: Hard water contains a lot of minerals and over time these mineral deposits build up, leaving your favorite shirt and jeans looking faded, dingy, and often battered. Literally deteriorating your clothes fibers, the mineral and salt deposits left behind from hard water are a problem when doing the laundry.
Dishes: The salt and mineral deposits are the culprits for leaving unsightly blemishes to your dishes. After being cycled in the dishwasher, many of your dishware is left with water spots, foggy and filmy deposits that prevent your dishes from looking crystal clear clean.
Appliances: Many of the appliances in your home function with water, and hard water will cause problems; costly repairs or even the need for replacing can be due to the hard water. The components that are subject to hard water will leave the same mineral deposits on the surface, putting a strain on the moving parts, which then causes your appliance to malfunction.
3) Hard Water Plumbing & Appliance Malfunctions. Hard water distributing the disintegrating elements throughout the pipes and appliances will expedite the deterioration. The pipes can become easily obstructed as well as breakdown the materials, costing you more on utility bills, and contributing to early repairs.
4) Hard Water Limescale. The appliances that work with water such as the water heaters, refrigerators, coffee makers, dishwashers, washing machines, and so on will also develop limescale. When the limescale crusts and the layers accumulate, the appliances are not able to perform at its full potential also adding further exposure to these minerals in your water.

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