Warning Signs of Bad Tap Water & Poor Water Quality When Buying a House in North Naples, FL

Looking for a home that fits your specifications and tastes can be a real challenge. Once you have narrowed down a house to just a few options, you start to envision yourself living there. Placement of furnishings, the kids’ assigned room any alterations that need doing on the exterior or interior are just some of the concerns that go through your mind. After you figure the cost of making a home your own, it can further downsize the choices. Many people will take precautions before they invest money into a new home by hiring professionals to perform various inspections such as structure, pest, wood destroying organism inspections and so on. But unfortunately, an important aspect that often gets overlooked is the water quality. The quality of the main water supply can significantly impact your family’s health and quality of life, along with the lifespan of the plumbing and every water-using appliance that operates in the house among others. In an effort to help you protect your investment before buying a home, we at AAA Water Team would like to discuss how you can spot poor water quality and options to remedy the situation if the home is still an option for you.

Signs of Bad Tap Water in a House

A water quality problem isn’t always completely obvious simply by flipping the faucet on, but there are telltale signs that the quality is not good. Below you will find a few examples of spotting water issues in various rooms.
Symptoms of Poor Water Quality in Kitchen:
– Check the faucets and fixtures for layers of crusty debris.
– Look for any staining in the inside of the dishwasher.
– Plastic water bottles from current owners found in the home.
Oily Film or Sheen on Tap Water in Bathroom & Other Signs
– Flip on the water to the bathroom sink, shower, or tub and allow it to run for a minute to see if there are any existing particles, odors, discoloration or an oily sheen to the water flowing through.
– Inspect the toilet, toilet’s tank, sink, and tub for any staining or discoloration.

Consider a Home Water Test

If you suspect the home in question has a water quality issue, or if you just want to be sure it doesn’t you can have the water professionally tested. Doing so can help you avoid future headaches and expenses in the end. Keep in mind that home inspectors do not generally test the water for all contaminants. A standardized water inspection test covers far more as a home inspection only looks for the two common health issues in the water and many of them will attribute to plumbing and appliance damage as well cosmetic problems.

Water Testing & More in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

Once you have found the home you prefer, call in the experts of AAA Water Team to perform a water test on the home’s water supply. We will share the results of the test and solutions for any problems found. Call us today to schedule your water test before you buy.

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