Troubleshooting Low Pressure Flow Problems Through Water Softeners in New Vineyards, FL

There are many reasons as to why you may be noticing a drop in your water pressure. Flipping on the garden hose at full steam to notice a trickle or trying to take a shower that takes what seem like hours to fully rinse out the shampoo, and the washing machine taking twice as long to fill are examples of noticing the drop in water pressure. With that in mind, we at AAA Water Team would like to take the opportunity to explore a few reasons as to the source of the low water pressure dilemma.

Troubleshooting Sudden Loss of Water Pressure

When it comes to the loss of water pressure, many might look to a plumber or their water provider. Perhaps a severely leaky pipe is a fault or something other than the obvious. In any case the, you are left scratching your head as you try to find a solution. Many homeowners contact professionals experiencing this problem seeking answers, being a fairly common occurrence for a number of reasons. Generally, the first thing that is assessed is the water meter to ensure it is not malfunctioning, followed by checking the plumbing network in search of broken connections or leaks. With the aid of their expertise and top notch equipment, if the problem lies here it is discovered rather quickly. No matter which professional is dispatched, they troubleshoot the water distribution system to find the problem.

Is Water Softener Causing Low Water Pressure?

When the lines to your home seem to be where they determine the pressure loss, experts may look to the water softener for answers. If a water softener is present, it could be the source of the drop in water pressure. If it is indeed the water softener, it might simply be the need to replace the filter media. To remove the hard water as it passes through within a water softener is the resin material, which is the filter media. Under most conditions, a good quality resin can last 8-10 years, where a superior resin generally has between 10 and 15 year lifespan. Unfortunately, the low quality resins may last as little as 3 years and maybe up to 5 years. Due to its inability to stand up to chlorine, the poor quality resins are also more subject to break down. Over time they will decay into mush because the chlorine will shear off the hard plastic beads that protect them. The flow of water in your home is reduced due to the soft mushy substance that collects at the bottom of the tank, creating blockage. Eventually the water flow is stopped as the mush accumulates. It will force this mush into the water lines to stop up the water flow completely in the event a leak develops in the softener distribution system. If this is the case bypass the softener and run your bathtub and remove the aerators from your faucets to flush your water lines.

Water Softener System Installation & More in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

When it comes to the water supply in Florida, the hard water needs to be treated with quality water softener systems. With routine maintenance, replacing the filter media for example, and routine care, you can avoid low water pressure and reap the benefits water softening systems provide. Call AAA Water Team today to schedule maintenance or further details on installing water softener treatment in your home.

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