Harmful Effects of Algae Algal Blooms in Bonita Springs, FL Drinking Water & Filtration Solution

We all get water in our home from either a well system or through the city or county that will live in. They have a reservoirs that are full of water that they will treat and send through the city. You turn on your faucet in your kitchen or bathroom and there you have it. Water comes flowing out for you to use in cooking, cleaning, bathing and even drinking. The water is supposed to be at a level that is safe for drinking but most people choose another drinking source. The water that you are drinking will have some contaminants in it and that can over time be harmful to your health. The type of contaminant and the amount is the real factor when deciding if it is bad for you to drink. One contaminant that you may end up finding in your water supply is the presence of algae.

AAA Water Team Explains the Harmful Effects of Algae on Water & Offers Prevention Tips

Blue Green Algae Examples: When people talk about algae the majority of people think about blue green algae. This is the type of algae that is found growing on rocks, trees, dirt and floating in the water. It is usually a green or blue color and is pretty slimy. The problem is that it is not actually an algae. It is considered a cyanobacteria and is not a good thing to have in your water. It can be found in fresh as well as salt water. When it is found floating on top of the water it is called blooms. The cyanobacteria is bad because it release toxins into the water. If you have this form of growth in the water you are drinking you can become sick. It is best to find an alternate drinking source.
Are All Cyanobacteria Bad?: The interesting thing is that not all cyanobacteria is a bad thing when it comes to the ecosystem of the water. There are some species that do not give off any toxins at all but in fact will help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide by turning it into oxygen.
Real Algae in Water: There is a type of algae that is a true and proper algae. This is in the form of seaweed or kelp. They are a single celled plant that comes in a variety of colors that include green and red. It can be found in all sorts of water including fresh water. The great thing is that this type of algae is usually not harmful if found in your drinking water.

Whole Home Water Filtration System & More in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

The best thing that you can do if you are concerned abut any contaminant in your drinking water is to have your own filtering system. A whole home water filtration system will take the water that you get from your well or county and will add a secondary filtering system. This can catch any harmful contaminants that your city did not. AAA Water Team offers a better whole home filtration to purify your drinking water. Call us today to talk to one of our staff members.

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