Water Well Maintenance Tips in Estero, FL; Inspections, Water Testing for Bacteria & More

If you are lucky enough to get your water from a well, you can rest assured that you are drinking some of the most pure, clean water known to man. There are many benefits that come with well water, however, there is some maintenance that needs to be done to keep it safe for those that are drinking it. AAA Water Team is here to share some well water maintenance tips to help you keep your well up and running.

Water Well Inspection for Proper Construction and Installation

If your well was constructed poorly it can cause a long list of problems for you. To check your well for proper construction, you need to look for a couple things during your inspection. First, you need to see the well is capped off by a sanitary concrete cover that is about one foot above the ground to keep pests as well as surface water out of your water source. Your well should have been constructed at least 50 feet from your septic take as well and 100 fee away from your septic tank’s drainage field. The ground should also be sloping away from your well to keep water from pooling.

Keep the Area Around Your Well Clear

This may go without saying, but you should keep the area that surrounds you well clear of pesticides, fertilizers, motor oil and other debris. If any of these substances are too close to your well, you could be facing water contamination.

Inspect Your Water Well Regularly

Inspecting your well shouldn’t be done once and then forgotten about from there on out. Even when your well has been constructed properly, time can do damage to the structure. Cracks and other forms of corrosion can present themselves over the course of time and will need to be dealt with to keep your well in good working order.

Cap Off Old Water Wells that are Not in Use

If there is a well that isn’t in use, it should be sealed completely by a professional. Any old wells that aren’t being used any longer and are not sealed can end up causing contamination to ground water.

Water Should be Tested Annually for Bacteria etc

Even if your well has passed all these maintenance inspections listed above, it is important that you test your water every year to ensure you are drinking clean water. The tests that can be done on your own, off the shelf, aren’t always the most accurate. Having the right team of professionals test your water for you will give you are more accurate reading and let you know if there are any issues with your water.

Well Water Pump Installation, Repair Systems, Water Testing & More in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

If you are getting ready to start having a water well constructed on your property, AAA Water Team installs well water pumps to efficiently get your water to your home. We offer our customer well water pump installations as well as water pump repairs and many other quality related services such as water testing and purification. Call us for more information about our water services today!

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