Drinking Water Level Chart in North Naples, FL; from Potable to Sterile Water For Inhalation

When you are drinking water you know that not all water is treated the same. If you fill your glass with water from the tap you know that the taste and cleanliness will be different than if you were to buy a bottle of filtered water. The reason really boils down to what is left in the water and how much of it. There are several levels of water that we usually think about but when it comes to pharmaceutical needs it goes even further. The water has to be prepared to use in several types of instances that a physician will use.

AAA Water Team Lists Different Levels Of Water Including Pharmaceutical Water

Non Potable Water: The first level of water that you might come across is call non-potable water. It is not water that at any level that is considered drinkable. It is found in lakes, rivers and springs but that water has not been treated in any way. You can use the water to clean outside your house or car and to water the plants around your house.
Potable Water AKA Drinking Water: This is the type of water that most people are using and know about. It is a level of water that is cleaned and filtered enough that it is drinkable. You might have this level of water coming from your hose and out of your tap at home. It cannot be used for some uses because it still has some contaminants in it even if the levels are low.
Purified Water: Many people don’t want to use the water that comes from the tap for drinking. Purified water is the next level that you can use. This the water that you can find bottled and is the first level that can be used in pharmaceutical uses. It is used to clean equipment that is used for medical use, for testing and for medications that need to be mixed with water for preparation needs. The purified water is still tested to ensure that it is free of microbial contaminants before it is used for medical purposes.
WFI Water for Injections: If there is a need for water that needs to be injected then WFI or water for injection is used. This level of water is prepared specifically to be used in these cases and has to be tested and treated the same as purified water but must be checked for bacterial endotoxins. The water has to be stored under ultra violet light and will store for about month before it is packaged. Once it is packed and sealed it is storable for an indefinite amount of time.
Sterile Water For Inhalation: This is water that comes from the same batch of water that the WFI came from. The water is cleaned and prepared the same that it would be for an injection but the packaging will be different. The chance that this packaged water has a higher level of bacterial endotoxin is increased but it is still at the right level for inhalations.

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