Home Water Purification; Screening, Coagulation & Chlorine Disinfection Treatment in Lee County, FL

Clean water is essential to living a comfortable quality of life. Luckily we live during a time when complete water purification exists and we are able to remove harmful materials from our water and make it completely safe to consume. Water purification plays a key role in ensuring access to water that is safe to drink. Systems are in place that ensure ongoing water quality, providing a constant source of clean water for you to have access to. Without water purification systems, we would be left wondering if certain water sources are safe to drink from or not.

Water Screening Process

One of the very first steps of water purification that occurs with most water sources is water screening. Water that comes from the ground, lakes and rivers first passes through a screen as it enters the first part of water treatment. When the water source is a river or a lake, the screen provides an essential function, keeping out large water contaminants like plants, wood and even fish. If ground water is used, screening is sometimes unnecessary due to the fact that the water has already passed through layers and layers of earth, in what is a natural screening process.

Coagulation Water Treatment

Another step of complete water purification is called coagulation. Coagulation occurs when alum and other chemicals are added to the water, these chemicals cause tiny particles to form, which then attract dirt particles, making clumps form and sink to the bottom of the water. After this process, the clumps of dirt and other particles that have formed can then be filtered out of the water, making it much safer to consume. Without coagulation, the water would be very dirty to drink and even feel gritty, as you swallow dirt and other harmful particles that are present in the water.

Chlorine Disinfection Water

No matter how many times the water has been put through screening or coagulation, there are still possible dangers living within the water. Water that has been through screening and coagulation is still in need of disinfection. Chlorine or other disinfecting chemicals will kill any remaining microorganisms or bacteria that are still present in the water. These chemicals will assist in keeping the water clean so it is ready for distribution. After water is disinfected, the purified water sit ready, waiting to be distributed through pipes to homes and businesses.

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