How to Find Clean Drinking Water in a Wilderness Survival Situation in the Woods or Wild

It’s generally super simple to find water in the urban jungle. Water fountains, hoses and even the corner convenient stores all harbor a water source when we are in need. With modern technology, water comes in a wide range of varieties and is readily filtered. But what do you do should you find yourself on an epic adventure, and need water? Humans and most animals can go a few weeks without food but only a few days without water.

AAA Water Team would like you to better educate yourself in the quest to find water in the event you need it.

When looking for water, the best thing you can do is observe your surroundings. The wildlife needs water as much as you do, here is what to look for:
– Animal Tracks. Paying attention to the ground in search for animal tracks are helpful, especially when multiple tracks are forming together, water is likely close by.
– Animal Excrement. Tracking herbivore feces would be optimal as predatory animals can get sufficient fluids from their prey. Finding a grouping of tracks might be lead to water.
– Mosquitoes activity. Mosquitoes are very dependent on water for their daily life styles. If you find mosquito activity, there typically is water within eye sight.
– Bees. Bee hives are typically between 3-5 miles from a water source. Once you locate the hive, find the tallest climbable tree or rock and scout out the terrain. Look for darker green vegetation; that’s more than likely the water source.
– Ants. If you notice a line of ants climbing a tree and entering a hole, chances are that tree has its own water source, and you can either find a straw like device, or use a knife to dig your way in.
– Flies. Flies are even more dependent; they won’t travel more than 100 meters from a water source.
– Birds. Finally birds are a great way for detecting waters. No matter the type of bird species, they are generally grouped together when water is nearby.

Clean Pure Drinking Water

Be cautious when the water is discovered, some water might be contaminated with toxins. Standing water especially can have issues. If the wildlife, insect activity and plant life seem to be vacant, more than likely the water is not safe to consume. Parasites and bacteria live in marshes and swamps, avoid drinking from these areas.

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