How Does a Water Softener Work in Naples, FL? Benefits, Maintenance & More

The water that filters into your home is consumable. Keeping you hydrated, offering aid as you cook and clean and provide sustenance for pets and vegetation. But just because the water supply is adequate, doesn’t mean that it can’t use improvements. For those who have hard water, which is rich in calcium and magnesium for example, a water softener is ideal. With that in mind, we at AAA Water Team would like to expound touch on the water softeners function and benefits as well as the maintenance.

How Does a Water Softener Work & What Maintenance is Needed?

Water Softening: Water softeners are engineered to remove the magnesium and calcium contained in the water. As the hard water passes through the resin bed of a water softener, the magnesium and calcium ions are removed from the water through the ion exchange process, allowing the now soft water to filter into your home. Eventually, the hardness ions will fill in resin beds and it will need to be regenerated or cleaned. Salt is often used to in the regeneration maintenance to restore the resin’s cleanliness to begin the ion exchange process again.
Water Softening Benefits: If you are unfamiliar with the advantages water softening treatment offers for your home. Below you will find a quick review of the water softening benefits.
– Softened water keeps skin and hair moisturized and ensures the soapy residues are completely rinsed clean; keeping skin moist and soft and hair bouncy and clean.
– As the water softener clears the soap residues from your body, it does the same for your dishes and cleaning tasks. The harsh chemical cleaners are completely removed significantly improving the cleanliness of dishware, sinks, tubs, floors, and even the laundry. Not only is your laundry cleaner, but the abrasive hard water is not continually wearing down clothes and fabrics as they are laundered.
– Plumbing is spared from rust and crust accumulation from minerals that deteriorate pipes and restricts water flow. Faucets are also spared from the same fate, giving them a cleaner appearance and more efficiency.
– Water based appliances have a longer lifespan probability without the lime-scale and other inflictions hard water exposure can potentially deliver.
Water Softener Maintenance: Experts recommend the water softener should be professional serviced annually or more frequently if necessary. However, there are additional steps homeowners can perform to contribute to the maintenance and cleanliness of the brine tank.
1) Assessing the salt levels of the brine tank every month is essential. Check your manual to know what the salt levels should be as well as how to inspect it. Generally, the tank is at least half-full with salt and at least 3” above the water level.
2) Ensure you are using the right type of salt if you need to add more before you do it. Different types of salt including rock salt, solar salt, and evaporated salt are specific to the different water softener systems.
3) Routinely break up the solid layers of salt that builds up in the tank. A broom handle and some hot water can make this step easy enough.
4) Approximately after 5 years the water softener needs to be cleaned, however, diligent maintenance on the above mentioned steps can increase that need. On the flip side though, if the water softener has been neglected for 5 years or more, cleaning may not be possible and a replacement might need to be considered.
5) Water Softener Cleaning: Empty the tank, remove the brine grid from the base. Thoroughly scrub it with warm soapy water. Rinse the soapy residue well. Apply a layer of bleach, scrub and completely rinse the bleach and remaining remnants away. Replace the brine grid and refill. So that the salt has sufficient time to dissolve, allow some time to pass after refilling before using again.

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