Water Hardness Definition & Examples of Effects of Hard Water on Hair, Skin & More in Cape Coral, FL

It is often said that your tap water is hard water and that you should consider getting a water softener. But what does it truly mean to have hard water and how would a person know if they have hard water? Is it a major problem to one’s health? Today AAA Water Team would like to answer these questions and explain what hard water is and what the indications of having hard water is and its effects.

Water Hardness Definition

When carbon dioxide is combined with water, it forms a very weak carbonic acid. As the water moves through soil or rock, the carbonic acid dissolves the soil or rock into small amounts of minerals and holds them in a solution. Later, calcium and magnesium dissolves into the water from those minerals which makes the water “hard.” There are varying levels of hardness which is determined by the amount of calcium and magnesium found in the water.

Signs of Hard Water on Skin, Hair & More

Unless you have your water tested it is rather difficult to determine how hard your home’s tap water actually is. However there are some signs that you may have hard water. As you do dishes, laundry, or even the water used in the bathroom, the water can leave behind signs that it is too hard.
Hard Water on Dishes: When doing dishes and you’re using the dishwasher you may notice that after your dishes have been cleaned there are white spots all over them. Does this mean you didn’t use enough jet dry? No, this is a sign of hard water.
Hard Water Laundry Problems: After you’re done doing laundry, do the articles seem stiff to you? Is it sticky when it is wet? This is yet another sign of hard water.
Hard Water & Soap Scum: Does soap scum build up really fast in the bathtub and does your shower door have streaks or look foggy? Does the toilet have a white ring around the bowl where the water line is? All of these are signs that your tap water has high hardness levels. You may even notice calcium building up on the opening of faucets and in the piping.

Effect of Hard Water on Health?

The next big question we might ask, is hard water bad for human health? The direct answer to that question is no. Hard water doesn’t have any known negative health affects at all. In fact some would argue that it is beneficial to a human’s dietary needs for calcium and magnesium. There is a current ongoing study where hard water may be linked to cardiovascular disease. However there are no significant results proving this theory.

Well & Drinking Water Testing

If your water seems to have high water hardness levels, the next best course of action is to have your water tested and then have a water softener installed. Why would you need a water softener? One good reason is to prevent corrosion of your home’s waterlines or piping and extend the life of your water heater. Areas with high hardness levels experience major issues with their plumbing and water heater. To help save you money in the long run you will want to have a water softener installed.

Water Softener Installation, Service & More in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

If you need your water tested, AAA Water Team can provide this service, and with those results, we can provide the right water softener for your home. If you find your home is suffering from high hardness levels, contact AAA Water Team today.

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