How Does Drinking Water Affect Your Health & Body in Cape Coral, FL? Good for Skin, Calorie Control, Aids Digestion & More

The thought of going without food makes most people feel nervous. But did you know that you need water far more than you need food? Your body is made up of 60% water. Water is required for your body to properly work. Your body uses water in order for your organs to function and even your cells require water in order to be healthy. There are several ways that water can benefit your health. AAA Water Team would like to talk about the direct effects water has on your health and happiness.

Drinking Water Helps with Calorie Control

When you think about the role water plays in your body, you think about dehydration and temperature regulation. Water plays a role in much more than that though. Water plays a key role in dieting and weight loss. It is found that if you replace high calorie beverages with water, you will find you shed a few pounds right away. When choosing meals that include foods that have a high water content, the higher volume requires more chewing and it takes longer for the body to absorb it. In turn, this helps you feel fuller and not feel the need to eat as much. Foods that have a high water content are vegetables and fruit, beans, and oatmeal. Soups that are made from a broth base have a high water content as well.

Why is Water Good for Your Skin

When you aren’t drinking the amount of water your body needs to function, you can start to see it through your skin. You skin helps to protect your body and plays a key role in keeping moisture in your body. When you are dehydrated your skin will start to look dry and wrinkles will be more noticeable.

Water Aids in Digestion to Avoid Constipation & Bloating

Water is what keeps things moving in the intestinal tract. It can play a big part in avoiding constipation. When you couple the right amount of water with a diet that is high in fiber, your body will be able to digest the food you eat with ease. When there isn’t enough water in your body, the colon will start taking water out of your stool and this is what ends up resulting in constipation.

Drinking Water Improves Kidney Function

Your kidneys are responsible for cleansing your body of toxins every day. Without the right amount of water, they can’t properly do this. When you drink enough water, you will notice your urine is light in color and flows freely. When you are lacking the water your kidneys need, urine can have an unpleasant odor and be dark in color. Your kidneys end up trapping extra fluids to help with other body functions.

How to Fit More Water into Your Day

There are several easy ways to implement more water into your daily routines. Here are some ideas:
1. Always have a glass of water when you are eating.
2. Eat foods that have high water content in them like fruits and vegetables.
3. Get used to carrying a water bottle with you at work, school or in your car.
4. Choose water beverages that you like (such as adding flavor packets). If you choose drinks you enjoy, you will find yourself drinking a lot more of it.

Whole Home Water Filtration Systems in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

Water is key to having good health. To ensure you and your loved ones are drinking water that is rich in nutrients and doesn’t contain harmful particles, choose a water filtration system. Your water will taste better and help you maintain good health. AAA Water Team can assist you in any of your water purification and filtration systems. Contact us today!

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