How Does Ozone Purification Work?

All water that is deemed safe to drink has gone through some level of purification. This means that it has gone through a process using all sorts of different methods to remove sediment, chemicals and dirt from the water that you drink.
One of the most eco-friendly ways to clean water is to use ozone molecules to process it. This is a process that uses ozone, which is a type of gas to purify the water that you use to cook and drink. Ozone occurs naturally, therefore it is not being over used and lost and it is not adding another harsh chemical to the environment. Some say that it is a safer option as well, since you are using a natural product for the water purification process.

How does Ozone Purification work?

Now that you know what ozone is, you probably want to know how you get a gas product into water to purify it. The ozone is taken and injected into the water source which creates lots of tiny bubbles. When the ozone gets near another thing like dirt or bacteria, it reacts quickly and attaches to the other molecule. It will stay away from the oxygen because it is too hard to sustain a connection. When the ozone comes into contact with the materials that you don’t want in drinking water it transforms them and they are essentially removed from the water. After that the ozone gas then breaks down and becomes a harmless molecule. When the water has completed the process it comes out of the ozone chamber ready to drink and cleaned from any organisms like bacteria, fungi and dirt.

Is Ozone Purification New?

Ozone to cleanse water has been used dating back to the 19th century. It is also currently used in Europe as an extremely popular option. Although it is fairly new and uncharted here in the United States, it has begun to gain some ground. This option is a wonderful choice when thinking about how to cleanse your water.

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