Water Softener Solution

There are some new homeowners that have not yet become familiar with their water softener, as this is the first time they have ever had one and so learning what it is all about can be put on the back burner or bottom of the list when it comes to the importance of household chores and fix ups. Water softeners are great to have in the home and provide a higher level of water quality to you and your family. Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium and other particles that are in hard water. The resulting soft water is much more compatible with soap and will also extend the lifetime of your home’s plumbing.

Hard Water Problems

There are a handful of problems that will occur when hard water is being pumped throughout a home. Hard water contains metal ions like calcium and magnesium, bicarbonates, chlorides and sulfates which can all cause a variety of problems. One result of hard water is that it leaves a buildup of lime scale. This has the ability to cause corrosion. Hard water is also generous in producing soap scum. That slippery feeling you experience when using soap with soft water occurs because soap tends to bind to fats in the surface layers of the skin. This makes soap molecules difficult to remove by simple dilution. On the other hand, hard water in the rinse water contains calcium or magnesium which form salts which removes the residual soap but leaves a coating of insoluble stearates on tub and shower surfaces. This is what is called soap scum.

Types of Water Softeners

There are many different types of water softeners on the market today. Some operate quite simply while others require a bit more know how on the operating scale. There are some home owners that believe installing water softener will make their water safer to drink; however this is not the case. A water softener only removes particulates like calcium and magnesium from your water. If it is water purification you are looking for, then do some research on what type of water purifier would work best in your home or if you are in the Naples or Fort Myers area, consult with AAA Water Team!

Salt Free Water Softeners

There is some new technology on salt free water softeners that is becoming more available to consumers. They are a reliable alternative that make sense in most applications. It can become confusing on whether or not to add salt to your softener, and this is a common question that homeowners have. If you are not quite sure on how to work your water softener, believe that it needs repairs, or just aren’t quite sure what to do with it, it is time to contact a professional. AAA Water Team will assist you with any question or concern you may have regarding your water softener. Contact us today!

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