How Hard Water Affects Washing Clothes in Estero, FL; Laundry Looks Faded & Feels Less Soft

Around 85% of water in America is considered hard. Where many people believe the county or city is treating their water, the fact is they do not and unless you have had your water tested and know the status or already have a water softener system, you likely have hard water running through your Florida home. We have discussed, as with many specialists, how hard water affects your dishes, cooking, cleaning, the toll it takes on appliances, and all of the other negative impacts hard water has. Though most know that the hard water spots and cloudy appearance is normal byproduct, few don’t see the detriment hard water has on your laundry. Today, we at AAA Water Team would like to expound on what hard water is doing as you wash clothes and other fabrics.

Hard Water Makes Laundry Look Dull

It starts off subtle. You notice that freshly laundered clothes simply do not look as clean as they should, most will presume it is the laundry detergent, the washing machine, or even that the clothes are just fading with time. However, few will consider the hard water which is likely the culprit. You will need to use a larger quantity of detergent when your washer depends on the hard water because the minerals that are dissolved in the water impact the efficiency of soaps, detergent and shampoo. When you see the detergent sticking to the fabric of your clothes in clusters, that is a primary sign that you have hard water. Additionally, clothes that do not look completely clean after being washed will be another indication of hard water; the fabric may even look dull or perhaps varying degrees of being discolored. Black in particular will look faded and fade quickly. Another sign of hard water, which is rich in iron, can cause reddish brown stains on your fabrics.

Washing Clothes in Hard Water Makes them Feel Not as Soft

Not only is there a distinction in the way the laundry loads look, but there is a difference in how the clothes feel that have been washed soft water as opposed to hard water. A noticeable softer feel of linens, towels, and clothing laundered in soft water will feel a lot softer against the skin. A result of the undissolved laundry detergent from your hard water and the hard water itself, those with sensitive skin will often experience skin irritation and rashes. Most people instantly see and feel a difference in their clothes being washed in soft water. Lastly, fabrics laundered in hard water has a tendency to have a decreased lifespan. Not only do clothes look and feel better being washes in soft water, but they last longer to.

Water Softening Systems & More in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

Hard water is filled with an abundance of calcium, magnesium, and iron, among others, that take a toll and so much more than your laundry. If you are in need of a soft water system for your Florida home, you need to call AAA Water Team and let our experts get your home’s water a soft water treatment system. You will see a plethora of benefits in more than your laundry. Call us today to get started!

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