How to Tell if Water is Safe to Drink in the Wild & How to Collect, Filter & Purify River Water

Have you ever seen the news where a family or hiker has been stranded in the wild for days? They might have been out for a day hike and realized that they lost their way. It could also be from a vehicle that has been broken down or from an injury. That person will need to be resourceful and find a way to survive until they are found or they can get out. A person can get away without eating any food for quite a long time as long as they are able to find water to drink. The problem is that even if you find water it may not be water that you are able to drink. If you choose to drink water that you find without any knowledge you could put yourself in real danger. Water is something that many things can live and survive in and when you get in your body it can be damaging and even cause death. Fresh drinking water is important and there are ways to find that if you find yourself in a bad situation.

AAA Water Team Lists How to Find & Purify Water in the Wild

Find Bodies Of Water: The first and most obvious area to gain access to water that you can potentially drink is from a body of water. There are many bodies of water that you can get water to drink but you need to be sure that you stay away from any salt water. The salt that is in the water can cause you to dehydrate faster. If you find a pond, river, stream or lake you are likely going to get a drink of water. The water is best if it is moving which will not allow the contaminants to stay and grow. The odds that you will end up with a fresh drink of water from a moving stream are fairly good. Even if you are looking at a moving stream it is always best to have a personal filter with you that you can use or be able to boil the water.
Extracting Water from Plants: When you are out in the heat there is nothing that you can do prevent some sweating. This is a way for your body to cool off when it is starting to heat up. When it comes to plants they actually will do the same thing. There are some plants that have some water source within the branches but they can be harder to find. The better option is to find a plant and tie up a plastic bag. Hopefully your bag does not have holes in it. The plant will start to create moisture that can be collected and used to drink.
Rainwater from the Sky is Safe to Drink: If you are out in a place that you know it is going to start to rain then being prepared to collect the rain water will save your life. The water that is coming down from the sky is the best option. It has not picked up too many contaminants on its way down and if you can start to catch it you’ll have a drink of water. The rain water can be difficult to catch especially if you don’t have the materials and if the rain is minor.

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