How to Avoid Dehydration & Drink More Water in Hot Weather in Bonita Springs, FL

The weather changes from the cold of the winter months quickly into the heat of the summer. The change is always welcome because the cold seems to linger for so long. Although the warm summer months are great they can start to be hard on your body. Most people spend lots of their summer days outside at the beach, pool, hiking or picnicking. These are all great ways to spend your day but the heat makes you sweat more and that can lead to dehydration. If you allow your body to become dehydrated you can be starving your vital organs of the nutrition that they need to function properly. If you start to feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. That is why especially in the summer months you do what you can to get enough water in your system.

AAA Water Team Offers Tips for How to Drink More Water Everyday

Healthy Water Flavoring Packets: It seems that most people need a little help to drink the water that is necessary. This can be a daunting task for someone that cannot manage to drink another drip of regular water. The great thing is that you don’t have to. There are ways you can add a touch of flavor to your water to give your taste buds a break. Get a pitcher of water ready in the morning that has cucumber, mint or fruit in it. These will add some flavor to the water and you can fill your cup or thermal water bottle up on a regular basis. You can change it up so that the water has a different flavor each day while you toss in some of your regular water as well.
Drinking Water with Meals: If you are looking to take in some more water within your day, skip the lunch and dinner beverage. It is a known fact that as you eat food you are thirsty and want to have a drink. You can keep the soda or milk away and choose to have water next to your plate. The water will be a nice break from heavy food that you are eating. It will also aid in filling up your belly faster so that you eat less food as well. Water is a great alternative to soda and is easier to get down when you are eating a meal.
Keep Water Cold: No one wants to drink a glass of warm water. Warm beverages are best served as coffee or tea but not your water. Water is best when the weather is hot outside and the water is ice cold. You might be wondering how you can do that. One way is to use ice cubes in your glass. As the ice melts it is simply adding more water to your cup. You can also freeze your water bottles and take them with you. You can purchase a water bottle that is insulated and will keep your water cold all day long.

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