Florida Drinking Water Quality in Estero, FL; Warnings of Bacteria & Contamination

In recent years Florida’s water quality has been threatened with a number of contaminants. These contaminants in the water have been connected with cancer, children developmental problems and pregnancy complications. Contaminants have been discovered in hundreds of water utilities across Florida. This is a serious concern for many residences which is why AAA Water Team wants to shed some light on this major issue and what can be done to ensure clean water.

Examples of Contaminants of Drinking Water

There have been a large number of contaminants found in Florida’s water as stated. Some of these contaminants are produced through industrial productions while some are environmental. Scientists have reported that there have been 250 contaminants detected in the various water supply throughout America and 93 found throughout the state of Florida. Some of the most concerning types of contaminants detected are:
• Trihalomethanes
• Chromium
• Radium
• Chlorate
• Arsenic
• Perfluorooctanoic Acid
• Perfluorooctane Sulfonate
• Uranium
• Strontium

Effects of Drinking Contaminated Water

Many of these contaminants are linked to many types of cancer such as bone cancer, skin cancer and bladder cancer. Some additional health effects of some of these contaminants are thyroid problems and pregnancy and child development problems. For more detailed reports of the contaminates found throughout the state and the surrounding areas can be found on the EWG public database. As some of these reports can lead to panic, keep in mind that some areas are not nearly affected as others. However, it is encouraged that you monitor your city’s water conditions. Monitoring the local water supply can help determine which method of treatment you require for your water supply. Many homeowners can have their home’s water supply independently tested and treated to ensure cleaner water.

Whole House Water Filters

If high levels of contaminants and dangerous contaminants are found in your water supply, it can lead to many concerns. Many of the contaminants can be easily reduced by having the water filtered. There are a number of filtration methods that can help clean and block particular chemicals and pollutants if they are found in the water. As there are many types of filtering systems a homeowner can use to clean their home’s water supply, keep in mind each filter system can use different types of filters such as carbon filters and deionization filters. Each has their own weaknesses or strengths. There are some filtration systems that may use multiple filtering systems to ensure a higher quality of water.

Water Testing

To determine which filtering system is best for your home will depend on what is in the water and at what levels. Check the EWG database for a general idea as to what contaminants are found in your local water supply. For additional measures, have your water supply tested. With those results you will have a better idea of what your water conditions are and the filtering system you need. Some of the most popular filtering systems are Ozone Purification, Iron & H2S filters, Reverse Osmosis and basic Water Filtration systems. There are additional products available, such as water softeners. Each method of water cleansing has its own strengths.

Filtered Water Systems & More in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

AAA Water Team can help test and treat your home’s water and provide cleaner water. With the current state of Florida’s water conditions as they are, more and more homeowners are seeking independent water filtering systems. If you want to ensure your home has cleaner water, contact AAA Water Team today.

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