Troubleshooting Well Pump Problems in North Naples, FL After Power Outage, Low Water Supply & More

Often when a water pump fails or breaks down you will experience poor water pressure, no water flow, or your pump may run continuously. Wells can be a little tricky when it comes to determining what may be causing the various problems you encounter. Sometimes when the water flow stops, it can be due to the fact that the water supply in the ground is running low and you will need to drill deeper. It could also be due to a clog in the well’s pipe or a broken pipe. AAA Water Team will share how to properly determine if your well’s pump is the culprit. We’ll also share how to troubleshoot a failing or broken well pump.

Water Well Pump Problems After Power Outage

When you encounter a power outage, it is expected that you’ll have only the amount of water that remains in the pressure tank. Until the power returns, the pump can’t pull any more water up and out of the ground. This is normal. However, if your pump loses power and the power has not been completely cut off such as in a power outage scenario, then there is a problem with the pump. Often this is a problem associated with a blown out breaker. Try to reset the well pump’s breaker switch. If that doesn’t reactivate the power supply, then turn the well pump breaker to the off position. You may need to replace the breaker or the pressure switch. If you’re not familiar with electrical replacement, contact a professional.

Low Water Supply Well Issues

Underground water reservoirs are the source of water for those who have wells. Often during time of drought or dry spells, the underground water reservoirs can suffer from low water tables. As the well sucks from a low water table, often the water will become murky and discolored. If the tap or faucets begin spitting out muddy, murky or dirty water, or you find the taste is off, this may be due to the fact that your water table is low. During times of drought you can drill the well deeper into the ground to draw the water that may be found in a deeper area. After drought or dry spells end and rains return, reservoirs often do replenish. However, no one knows how long a drought may last. Many people assume there is something wrong with the well pump when they experience poor water quality when in fact it’s not the pump’s fault. Low water tables can lead to other problems such as an overworked water pump.

Overworked Well Water Pump

When a pump continuously runs it can be due to several problems including low water tables. However it can also be due to the size of the tank. The water tank is designed to help reduce the amount of work than a well pump does. The well pump will pump water into the tank and switch off once the tank is full. When water is drawn from the tank, the pressure sends the water through the various pipes and into the home and provides its various plumping needs. Once the tank pressure drops, it sends the signal to the well pump to pump up more water. If the tank is too small to reach the water needs of the home and surrounding property, the pump will work harder. This often leads to an overworked pump which will expedite the wear and tear of the pump. If you seem to do full well pump replacement more often than what is considered normal, look at the size of your tank. In some cases there may not be a tank. If so, you may want to consider installing one.

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