How to Drink More Fresh, Filtered Water in Cypress Lake, FL; Cold, Fruit Infused & More

Now that the summer is here most people will be spending more and more time outdoors. The summer weather brings on the heat and that means you will be sweating more. The more you sweat and the hotter it is outdoors the faster you can become dehydrated. You want to make sure you know what you can do to keep yourself hydrated. You get the hydration you need from the water you drink. You can get some moisture from foods and other drinks but water is the best way. No matter the weather you need to consume water. The hydration allows your organs to continue to work, gives your skin the resiliency you want and help you to feel better overall. Most people know you need to drink water but that can be easier said than done. Many people have a hard time getting the amount of water that they need without some tips and tricks. AAA Water Team outlines some ways to make drinking water easier.

Use Fresh Filtered Water

The first thing that you want to do to make sure that you are getting the water intake that you need is to make sure that the water is accessible and that it is filtered. You can have a filtered water system that has been installed in your house so that the water is easy to get. You can use the filtered water in your house to fill up your favorite water bottle or drink. Then you can head out the door for your day. The other added benefit to filtered water in your house is that you will have good tasting water that is in your house. The filtered water will remove the debris from the water that comes from the city of the county. The contaminants is what makes the water have an unsavory taste and is what you want to have removed.

Fruit & Vegetable Infused Water

Many people think drinking water can get a bit boring. Even the best tasting water can start to need some additives to set it apart. You want to be careful about what you are adding so that you don’t take away from the hydration of the water. The way that many people do that is to add some fruits or vegetables to the water. You can use a slice of lemon or even some cucumber to the water. You can stick a wedge in the bottle that you are taking with you or in a fresh glass of water. You want to make sure that you only add a small amount to give it a little bit different flavor.

Keep Water Cold

Another way you can make sure that water is more enjoyable is to ensure that it is kept cold. You can choose to freeze part of the water bottle or you can keep it in the fridge. If the water is cold it is easier to drink especially when the weather is hot outside.

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