Investing in a Water Treatment System in Pineland, FL; Chemicals, Sediment, Flow Rate & More

The public water supply delivers water to over 90% of Americans. Where some regions offer clean and healthy water to the local communities, there are others where the water tastes unpleasant, leaves skin and hair dry, cleaning clothes, dishes, and other surfaces is a challenge, and in some cases, the water is pungent in addition to the contaminants found in the water. To ensure the water is soft, pure, and healthy, unfortunately, many homeowners have to turn to household water filtration and other water treatment systems. As you consider which water treatment systems are best for your home, there some basic considerations you need to factor in. With this in mind, we at AAA Water Team would like to share the a few of these basic concepts to help you get the best water system for your home and family needs.

Chemicals in Tap Water

You may need a granular activated carbon filter should there be excessive chemical contaminants in the water. A very common chemical in municipal water is the chlorine and this filter is highly effective at removing chlorine and other chemicals. There are other solutions that can eliminate the chemicals found in the water and to see what chemicals may be contaminating your water supply, a water test provided by a professional can give you a detailed report to help you find the right solution.

Whole House Water Filter Flow Rate

A flow rate of at least seven gallons per minute is equipped to the most efficient water filtration systems. However, before you buy, especially if you are trying to get a system without the help of an expert, be sure the system corresponds with the water flow rate in your specific home.

Water Purity

Different filtering systems are geared to eliminate specific types of impurities. To make sure you are getting the right one for your home, you will need to identify which impurities exist and which systems are geared to meet your needs. You will need to get your water professionally tested. It is also wise to contact a representative in your county to find out what contaminants are typically found in the water in your area.

How Does Sediment Affect Water Quality

You will need to invest in a whole house sediment filter if the sediment levels in your water supply are high. Your best bet is to buy multiple water sediment filters. Note that the reusable ones are more cost-effective in the long run.

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