Should I Filter My Tap Water in Whiskey Creek, FL to Give to Dogs, Clean, Use in Cooking & More?

Are you one of the people that go out and purchase a bottle of water from the store to drink? Or do you drink filtered water but use the tap water at your house for everything else? The water that you are drinking most people recognize is important. You want to have the lease amount of contaminants that are being presented in your body. The filtered water that you are choosing to drink means that you are getting that. You also want to have a type of water that has a good taste and is clean to drink. These are all reasons that people go out and purchase water a bottle at a time. The problem is that you may be using your tap water or well water to do everything else. It is important to know if you should use filtered water in other aspects of your life and why. AAA Water Team outlines some of the benefits of using filtered water.

Give Dogs, Cats & Other Pets Filtered Water

You are a living being and want to have the best tasting water. The water that you drink you also want to be cleared of any debris and contaminants. When it comes to your pets such as dogs and cats they also want the same thing. They of course cannot tell you to use the filtered water for them but if they could talk they would. Your pet should be important to you and the food and water that you give them should be the best. If you are choosing to use the hose or tap to fill your pet water dish you could be giving them the same debris that you are so worried about. It is best to get in the habit of using filtered water for your dogs as well and the best way to do that is with a whole home water filtration system. This will be best for your pets health.

Using Filtered Water in Cooking

When you are cooking and prepping food to eat you want to make sure that you use filtered water. There are lots of aspects of food prep that include using water. When you bring home food such as fruits and vegetables they need to be cleaned with water. If you are not using filtered water you are not getting the debris cleaned as thoroughly. You also may use water as an ingredient or to boil and cook things. You want to make sure that you use filtered water. The tap and well water can have debris that include things that will cause the water to have a taste and smell that you don’t like. The filtered water has treated for these things and removed them.

Cleaning & Showering with Filtered Water

Cleaning with water that is not filtered can leave a residue on surfaces that include yourself. You want to make sure that you use filtered water to clean your home and take your shower. The only way to do that is to have a whole home water filtration system that will work to send filtered water through the entire house.

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