How to Drink More Water (when You Don’t Like it) in Cypress Lake, FL; Filtered or Flavored Water & More

Ways to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy has become a main topic of conversation. The presence of the new COVID-19 has caused many people to be more aware of what they are touching and what they are coming into contact with. You can stay away from germs on surfaces and in the air by wearing globes, masks and washing your hands often. These are important to make sure that you do not come in contact with any virus or bacteria that you will have to seek medical attention for. Although these are important you want to make sure you also know what to do to stay healthy overall. The health of your family will rely on other aspects as well. One way to keep your family healthy is to make sure that you get enough good quality drinking water. Getting enough water in your system can be harder than you think but there are some ways to make sure you get what you need. AAA Water Team outlines what you can do to get enough water to drink.

Water Content of Foods

You want to make sure you get the amount of water you need each day. The amount that each person needs is different and depends on the age, weight and activity level. With that said you want to make sure you get plenty of water and you should know that drinking straight water is not the only way. You should also know that you can get water from some foods such as lettuce and watermelon. You also will get some hydration when you drink soups and broth as well.

Drink Filtered Water

You want to make sure that you drink plenty of water but also the type of water that you are getting is important as well. If you have water that is not being filtered it can have all sorts of sediment as well as additives that might be bad for you. These things that are often found in water can be chlorine all the way to metals. It is important that you use good quality water that has been filtered. This can be done by shopping for bottled water but it can also be done by having a filtered system in the house. This means you can get access to filtered water no matter the time of day and with little effort.

Water Flavoring

You can fill up a glass of water and add some things to it to make it have some flavor without taking away from the water. You can use fresh fruits and vegetables that add a splash of flavor giving you something else to taste when you fill up your cup. Many people choose to add lemons, limes, cucumber and strawberries to name a few. You can add your favorites to your water to brighten it up.

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