How to Flush & Sanitize the Reverse Osmosis (RO) System in Your Whiskey Creek, FL Refrigerator, Kitchen & Home

When you have a water filtration system and it is shut down for an extended period of time, it is essential that it is sanitized before you use it again. You could have a reverse osmosis system under your sink in a vacation rental or run a business in the food industry that has a reverse osmosis installed in the professional kitchen that has possibly been closed down because of this crazy virus that has disrupted our lives. At any rate, if you have one that has been sitting for any reason, the professionals at AAA Water Team is here to walk you through the sanitizing process.

Water Filters Need to be Flushed if They Haven’t Been Used for 7 Days

For any filtration system that you have on your kitchen sink, it needs to be flushed out when it hasn’t been used for 7 days or more. You need to allow water to flush through it for five minutes before the process is complete. This process will help to displace any microbiological growth that has begun in the filter before you use it.

Cleaning & Sanitizing Your Reverse Osmosis System

Following is a step by step instruction as to how to best sanitize your reverse osmosis system:
– Clean Your Hands: To get your system appropriately clean, you need to have clean hands. You can even wear gloves if needed.
– Turn Off Water Supply: This is to ensure you don’t have water gushing all over the kitchen as you clean your RO system.
– Disconnect Refrigerator: If you have your RO system hooked up to your refrigerator for ice and water, make sure it is disconnected before starting.
– Drain the Tank: Turn on the water and leave it on until no more water comes out and you know the tank is drained.
– Remove Filters & Membrane: The only filter you should leave in the system is the postfilter. You should not have the membrane or the prefilters in the system as you sanitize it. It’s not a bad idea to replace them all together.
– Reconnect Filter Housings: Replace all the housing back in the system other than the prefilter housing.
– Sanitize the Prefilter: Use a sanitizing solution that is free from chlorine and will kill bacteria growing in the tank. Now you can re-attach the prefilter housing back to the system.
– Turn Water Supply Back On: Turn on the water supply and allow the tank to completely fill up again.
– Let Solution Soak: You need to allow the solution to sit in the tank for at least a couple minutes at this point.
– Flush the System: After the solution has had time to sit, you need to flush the tank for five minutes.
– Reconnect: Now you can replace all filters and reattach the water to the refrigerator.

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If you are looking for clean water, call on the professionals at AAA Water Team to install your reverse osmosis system today!

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