How to Get Chemicals Out of Tap Water in Cape Coral, FL; Germicidal UV Sterilization Water Purification Treatments

Water purification is very important in our homes today. With our modern technology, we have created many ways to bring clean pure water to every home. One of the newest ways and an ever growing popular way of water sterilization is a method that uses ultraviolet technology. AAA Water Team would like to share the great attributes of this method of water sterilization, how it works, and why more and more homeowners are using this method to bring pure clean water into their homes.

Germicidal UV Light Lamps

There are many products that use this technology; however how it is done is what matters most. Many of these products use an ultraviolet lamp that produces UV-C or germicidal UV which puts out even more power or intensity of the sun. Most, if not all, ultraviolet purification systems are combined with a filter. Ultraviolet lamps are capable of killing microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, molds, algae, yeast and even cysts such as cryptosporidium and giardia. However ultraviolet technology seems to have little effect against chlorine, heavy metals, VOCs along with other chemical contaminants. Of course that is why it is important to have a good filtering process to help remove the leftover particles from the water.

How to Get Chemicals Out of Tap Water

Ultraviolet water treatment does contain many advantages against the microorganisms that contaminate most water. Many love how it requires no other chemicals to treat the water keeping your water free of the bi-products left behind by other water purification methods that use chemicals to treat the water, such as chlorine. By removing the chemicals, you get pure water that even tastes great. In addition, they won’t cause any harm or damages to your piping or septic tanks.

UV Water Treatment Systems

Ultraviolet purification methods provide many great attributes as well as being cost effective. Some of the great qualities of this product is that is removes 99% of all microorganisms in the water. It uses a stainless steel reactor chamber guaranteed to last. It is an easy product to read with its visual and audio lamp changer that reminds you when it is time to replace lamps as well as an audible feature that notifies you when a problem occurs. Then it will have a visual power or led light to let you know when it is running or not. The main ultraviolet system AAA Water Team favors uses an open end quartz sleeve and aluminum gland nuts, with a maximum operating pressure of 125 psi which still gives homes great water pressure along with a temperature control that can be set from 36-104 degree Fahrenheit.

Germicidal UV Sterilization Water Purification Treatment Systems in Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Lee & Collier Counties Florida

With today’s technology and an understanding of the natural properties of the sun we are able to bring a water purification process that requires no chemicals and that filters out the other harmful particles out of our water. By using ultraviolet light, combined with the proper filtering system, your home can have pure clean water. AAA Water Team can bring this great product to your home which is inexpensive and easy to maintain. Contact us and ask us about this great product. AAA Water Team can help give you the water quality you need. Call us today.

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