Why You Need a Filtration System for Your Drinking Water if Your Lehigh Acres, FL Home Has PEX Pipe Plumbing

Many homes have been outfitted with PEX pipes for plumbing and water lines. This material is much cheaper as well as easier to install and repair. Researchers have discovered that the PEX pipes are susceptible to water contaminants. For homes that have PEX pipes in their homes you will want to install a good water filtration system. AAA Water Team will share what the researchers have discovered and why you will want to have a water filter system installed in your home!

PEX Pipe Problems. Is Polyethylene Tubing Safe for Drinking Water?

Researchers began their study of all PEX piping brands to see what impact they had on water quality. They have noted that each brand has their own level of how they affect the water. Each had their own amount of contaminants as well as taste and smell production. Due to the fact these contaminants leave bad odors and taste, some homeowners are fearful to drink or even take showers with their own tap water for fear of the unknown health risks. These contaminates such as pesticides, oil, gasoline, and benzene have been known to permeate all through PEX pipes. Some researchers also believe the pipes themselves might be leaving contaminates in the water.

Findings of The Plastic Pipe and Fitting Association & The National Sanitation Foundation

However different brands of PEX pipes seem to do better than others. The Plastic Pipe and Fitting Association state that PEX and Aqua PEX have passed all the tests that determine that PEX pipes is a safe product to be used. The National Sanitation Foundation also conducted a 21 day test on PEX pipes to determine if they have any contaminants such as methanol and methyl. Additionally they also tested the water for gasoline additives that reduce carbon monoxide emissions. The National Sanitation Foundation test show that PEX pipes meet all of the standards. It is argued that the integrity of the PEX pipes wane over time and slowly let contaminants in.

Water Purification & Filtration Systems Correct PEX Pipe Problems

Where there is some concern as to whether or not contaminants can get into tap water if homes or businesses used PEX pipe, it has been suggested that homes or businesses with PEX pipe use a water filtration system. Adding an additional purification process to your homes water supply seems to greatly reduce the contaminants as well as removes the bad taste and odor. You will find many different ways to clean and remove contaminants in your home’s tap water. Ozone Purification removes bacteria and other biological matter from water, and then sends the water through a filter catching the rest of the materials in the water. Ultra Violet filtration systems use strong ultra violet light bulb, stronger then the ray of the sun, to kill any organisms and bacteria in the water. Reverse Osmosis has three stages in which it will clean your water and give you odorless and great tasting water. At the same time, they remove contaminants from the water.

Water Filtration & Purification Systems in Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Lee & Collier Counties Florida

You can choose one of several ways to clean your water. For those homes with PEX piping, you may want to consider adding one of these filtration systems to your home or business. Plumbers will also suggest that homes with PEX piping should flush their pipes every three months to remove standing water and the contaminants that may be inside them. If you are considering adding a filtration system to your home, AAA Water Team can help you determine which one will fit your home the best and install the system quickly. Contact us for clean water today.

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