Ion Exchange Method & Home Water Softener System Maintenance Checklist in Whiskey Creek, FL

Many people enjoy the benefits of having a water softening system installed in their homes. Cleaning is improved, appliances and household items such as dishware and laundry are better preserved, and the body is better moisturized and in better condition. Thanks to the water softener unit, hard water is transformed and the quality of day to day life is improved. Unfortunately, like any other system, the water softener needs maintenance that many people neglect. In conjunction with annual professional maintenance services, there are some maintenance tasks the owner should attend to as well to ensure the efficiency and longevity of your soft water system. With that in mind, we at AAA Water Team would like to list some of the basic maintenance duties you should provide for your water softener.

Ion Exchange Method for Water Softening

A water softener is a system that removes the ions that causes the water to be hard, which are generally excessive levels of calcium and magnesium. The water softener often removes iron ions during the softening process. By removing these minerals that causes the water to be hard, the water softener unit transforms the hard water into soft water.

Home Water Softener System Maintenance Checklist

As previously mentioned, manufacturers recommend your home water softener unit is serviced by a professional once a year. To keep the unit in optimal condition and care as well as to ensure the efficiency of your unit, there are a few simple maintenance steps for cleaning and maintaining the brine tank you should conduct below.
1) Once a month, take the time to check the salt levels in the brine take, as it is essential. Check your manual if you are uncertain what the optimal salt levels of your unit should be. The standard recommendation is that the water level is approximately three inches above water level and the tank is half full of salt.
2) Ensure the salt you are using to fill the tank is the correct type of salt before you begin. Different types of salt including rock salt, evaporated salt, and solar salt are used in the different home water softener systems.
3) There are solid layers of salt that will form in the tank and it is crucial they are regularly broken down. A broom handle can efficiently get the job done and if the breaking the salt is a challenge, add hot water to simplify the job.
4) Every five years or so, the tank will need to be thoroughly cleaned if the maintenance has been neglected and the unit is no longer functioning adequately.
5) You will need to empty the tank prior to cleaning it. Scrub well with soapy water and remove the brine grid from its base. Rinse the debris away and wipe it down with bleach. Thoroughly rinse again to remove the bleach residue and refill. Allow a sufficient amount of time for the salt to dissolve after you have filled it before you start back up.

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If you are looking to install a soft water system in your Florida home, call in the experts of AAA Water Team and we will get you started and offer maintenance and care tips for your unit.

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