Access to Clean Water in Fort Myers Beach, FL with a Whole House Water Filter & Filtration System

When you are grabbing a glass to fill with a cold drink of water you want to make sure that what you are drinking is clean. There are some news stories that are top of the list lately that talk about the water that is being provided not being drinkable. That is making people think more about the water that they are drinking and what contamination there could be. You can always waste money on buying water bottle after water bottle but who is to say that water is clean either. The other problem with buying water by the bottle is that you are contributing to the landfill and litter problem in this world. The push for people to use re-useable water bottles is for a good reason. The problem now is ensuring that you have water that is safe and clean to drink to fill your bottle up each day. There are options you have in your home to use for drinking water. It is a good idea to know what you are using and what would be better.

AAA Water Team Outlines Ways You Can Get Access to Drinkable Water in Your House

Tap Water: The first option that every home has ready to use is the tap water. The water that comes from the tap comes from the city or county that you live in. They are responsible for the water and collecting it from a source that has been contracted for use. The water has to be treated before it can be used by the public. The city or county will collect the water and treat it with an approved method that has been tried and true. The water has to meet a specific criteria before it is then sent out to the people. Those numbers are not really likely to make you feel very good because there is still an approved amount of contaminants that can be in the water. The water is then sent through the pipes that are managed by the city or county and into your house. The same water is used in your lawn, bathrooms and laundry for washing, kitchen for cooking and drinking etc. Although this is supposed to be a viable option many people want a better one.
Whole House Water Filter: A much better option that you can go for when you decide to look for an alternate drinking source is to have a whole home water filtration system installed. The great thing is that you are not paying for any more water then you already are getting because the water is coming from the tap. The benefit is that the water is actually being treated again right before it makes its way into your home. The filtration system will sift through and clean out the water from contamination that is left from the original cleaning process that was done from the city or county. The filtration system is a great way to have good clean water to drink and still being able to use your bottles that are refillable.

Whole Home Water Filtration System in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

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