Do Whole House Water Softener Treatments Work & Are they Worth it in Pelican Bay, FL?

Ensuring your water is pure and healthy for you and your loved ones to consume is important. In many applications, to achieve that, a water treatment system installed in your home or business is essential. Water treatments are designed to purify, clean, and to soften the water from the content which can be harmful to your health, along with your skin, hair, as well as your pipes, fixtures, and household appliances. Before you buy a water treatment, AAA Water Team suggests you ask the following questions before you buy.

Are Whole House Water Softeners Worth it?

1) What does water softener maintenance entail?
After you select the water treatment you need for your home, consult with the supplier about the cost to maintain the unit. Maintenance is important for performance and to avoid re-contamination. Maintenance often includes filter cartridges changing and waste disposal, among others.
2) How much energy is used to treat water?
Like any appliance, there are considerations concerning energy consumption ratings. In some models that require more power, you can see a higher power bill.
3) How long do water softener systems last?
Not all water treatment systems are created equal and it is important to inquire the lifespan, warranty, and guarantees from each system.
4) How can I expect my water to taste, smell and feel after it has been treated?
The water system varies, depending on the treatment it offers. Most water softeners, for example, will add salt to the water in order to remove the contaminants, and in few cases, people can taste the added salt. Soft water will also feel more slippery compared to hard water.
5) Will my professional include a follow-up test in the full price of the water system?
To ensure the water treatment test is functioning correctly, be sure to ask your provider about the follow-up testing service following installation.
6) If the water softener system needs repair, how will it affect my water?
Make sure you invest in a treatment system that features a shut-off valve or a warning light that indicates a malfunction or problem with the system. This can make sure the water isn’t contaminated water and everyone exposed to it.
7) Does my water even need a water treatment system?
A water test that should be carried out by a certified professional and state-certified lab results can ultimately tell you what the direction you should go in terms of different water treatments would be optimal.
8) How do I know what water system treatment is best?
A certified specialist can help determine which water treatment(s) are best for your individual needs; ensure installations and even maintenance are performed correctly.
9) Are the water treatments certified by a third party?
Most professionals offer products that are certified and/or approved by 3rd parties, such as National Sanitation Foundation for example, but you are welcome to inquire about the approval upon purchase.
10) Do I need to install a water system on all the taps in my home or business?
There are a few factors involved with this answer. It really depends what kinds of contaminants are present in your water. If the contaminants are broken down when cooking, or pose no threat while showering or cleaning, a drinking unit may all that is needed. If the contaminants are harmful, then all the taps will need to be fitted.

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