Types of Contaminants in Water in New Vineyards, FL; Filtration Systems Remove Fluoride & More

When you go to grab a glass of water to drink many people actually go for a bottle of water. They might even have very specific water that is used for drinking only. Have you ever wondered why people don’t just drink the water that is coming straight from the tap? Why is the sale of water bottles so high? Why is the amount of wasted water bottles on the earth so excessive? Are you one of those people that just go with the flow without having the knowledge about why? There are many people that will buy water bottles, reusable plastic bottles or have water filtration installed on their house. Although they won’t use the tap for drinking they still use it for the dog, cooking and cleaning. Why is there a line that people won’t cross when filling a glass of water to drink? The facts are that the water that your city, town or county is sending to your home to use has toxins and contamination in it. They amount ofcourse is regulated and tested to ensure that the levels are not high enough to be troublesome but there are still unhealthy contaminants that water filtration systems can filter out.

AAA Water Team Lists Toxins You Might Find in Your Home’s Drinking Water

Fluoride in Drinking Water: When it comes to this additive the water that you are getting usually does not have fluoride naturally. People decided around the 1940’s that fluoride would be a great addition to the water that people are consuming. The reason is that the fluoride was thought to be a benefit to your teeth and enamel. The biggest issue is that we now know that fluoride is not something that you want to drink or ingest. It will not help your teeth when it is taken in orally. You need to have fluoride brushed right on the teeth to do any good. The opposite is actually true when it comes to having fluoride in your drinking water. It can cause some damage to your glands and it is best to do away with it all together.
Chlorine in Drinking Water: Chlorine is a great additive when you want to clean a pool or to help aid in sanitation. These are all great things but not when it comes to drinking water. The reason that it is used is to help clean the water of other pathogens that might be in the water. The problem is that the chlorine may be in excess and that can lead to an unhealthy amount.
Lead Levels in Drinking Water: One of the troubles that some places are having is that there is lead in the water. There have been some large cases where the city or town has been sending water to the residents that is full of lead which is in turn making people ill. It has some major repercussion if someone is exposed for a long period of time.

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