Well Water Testing in North Naples, FL for Coliform Bacteria, Nitrates & Other Contaminants

For those who own a well the National Ground Water Association recommends the well water be tested at least once a year. Water should be tested for bacteria, nitrates, and other local contamination. AAA Water Team will share more about the reasons for well testing and some of the common signs that your well water may be contaminated as to insure your water poses no health concerns.

Signs of Contaminated Well Water

When well water becomes contaminated it will show some signs that there is a problem. When certain signs develop it is important to have your well water tested and if necessary treated for the contamination. Wells should be tested if these warning signs occur before your annual testing.
• If your water develops an odd odor, taste or coloring. This could be due to a broken water cap or flooding water caused contamination.
• If the ground water has a history of contamination.
• If the well’s septic system malfunctioned.
• If a household member developed gastrointestinal related illnesses.

What Contaminants Are Found in Well Water?

Coliform Bacteria – One of the main contaminates that are looked for when water is tested is the coliform bacteria. If coliform is present in well water it is a strong indicator that the water is contaminated. Coliform is a result of human or animal waste contamination. Coliform is a category for a wide range of bacteria, which in most cases aren’t a direct threat to humans. In many cases, if coliform is found in well water, it came from fecal matter on the surface that naturally absorbed into the ground and in the water. Still, if coliform is found in the water it is still taken seriously. In rare cases, E. coli can be present.
Nitrates – Nitrates is rather common in well water. Nitrates in the well water can be due to fertilizers, animal manure, septic systems, or is leaking from a sewer line. Another source of nitrate in water comes from nitrogen that is broken down from soil or rocks in the ground. However, high levels of nitrate can become a health concern. High levels of nitrate could indicate contaminations such as pesticides or bacteria in the water. High levels of nitrates are particularly threatening to infants or those with immunity problems.
Other Tests– During well testing, the water hardness as well as the pH, iron, sulfides and manganese level are all tested and checked. High levels of these contaminates could cause problems with your home’s plumbing and even cause the water to appear cloudy or cause odors. In the event your well water appears cloudy or oily, it is strongly recommended you have your water tested. Each area has certain high levels of contaminates. When you have you water tested the results can help you better know what’s in your ground water and how to treat your well water better.

Well Water Testing & More in Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Lehigh Acres, Florida

AAA Water Team is dedicated in providing our communities with clean and healthy drinking water for their families, loved ones, and pets. If you haven’t had your well water tested recently, or if it’s been over a year, it is strongly recommended that you have your well tested. AAA Water Team provides water testing services and will help maintain your well or home filtering systems. Contact AAA Water Team today.

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